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Doe Deere Tells Us About Her Daily Routine

Doe Deere

Cruelty-free. Lover of animals. Makeup enthusiast. Each of these things describes Lime Crime CEO and Founder, Doe Deere. Born in Russia and now residing in sunny Los Angeles, Deere is no stranger to juggling home and work life. The secret to doing so is to have a strategy. Deere has a fail-proof routine that ensures that she thrives in every area of her life.

Waking the Mind and Body

Deere awakes renewed every morning at 8:30am after nine or more hours of sleep. She does a few stretches, her favorite being the back stretch called the “cat/camel.” Afterwards, she drinks a full glass of water. The Los Angeles climate is known for being dry. For this reason, Deere drinks water in the morning to get a head start on keeping her skin and body hydrated. After she’s awakened her body, it’s time to awaken her mind. Deere loves to gaze out the window at the beautiful scenery that Los Angeles has to offer. Looking out at nature puts her mind at ease.

Healthy Eating

Deere’s brand is cruelty-free because she’s a lover of animals. Her love for animals can be seen in her diet. She eats a breakfast of fruit and yogurt. Her favorite breakfast meal, however, is grits. Deere describes grits as being a hot cereal. To complement her healthy breakfast, fresh squeezed orange juice is Deere’s drink of choice. To obtain the sweet juice, she takes a quick trot to her backyard to pick oranges out of her very own orange tree.

Getting Cute

Doe Deere loves makeup. That’s no secret. Each morning, she spends anywhere from 15 minutes or longer applying her makeup. She begins with foundation and powder. She sets this makeup, then proceeds to fill in her brows. After the basics are completed, Deere moves on to applying lipstick and blush. Her favorite colors to apply are red and pink. When Deere has finished applying her makeup, her lips are a flawless red or pink hue.

Engaging in Relaxing Activities

After Deere has stretched her body, relaxed her mind, and filled her belly, she still has to take time for something quite vital: relaxation. For Deere, “me time” means fondly spending time with her cats, browsing Instagram, and using quiet time to brainstorm new ideas for her brand. When she has completed these tasks, she logs on to a private company chat where her team fills her in on all things Lime Crime before she enters the office at noon.

Earning the Big Bucks

Around 12pm, Deere leaves for work. She kisses her cats goodbye and waves hello to her fellow coworkers. Her work day starts with a chatty lunch with her team. Lunch is followed by meetings that last until late evening. Deere usually leaves the meetings at 6pm, but sometimes she can be found working in her office as late as midnight. When she leaves Lime Crime’s headquarters, she prepares for bed. Deere will sleep nine hours or more before her internal clock wakes her to start another day.