There are some diseases and health conditions that we no longer have to worry about anymore. These include ones like smallpox, yaws, and lymphatic filariasis. In fact, you might not have heard of one or two of them because they have been eradicated for such a long time! The eradication of such diseases is made possible by our improved sanitation systems in towns and cities, and the development of new treatments, medicines, and vaccinations.

Thanks to all the research and clinical testing that now regularly occurs in the health and pharmaceutical industries, there are many diseases out there that are on the brink of being eradicated. Want to know what could end up next on the list of eradicated diseases? Here are some that we are close to curing for good.


Even though there is now a vaccination for measles that many parents around the world can take advantage of, there are still some who choose not to vaccinate their kids because of some of the reasons mentioned on Unfortunately, this means that the disease is still out there, especially in deprived areas. This disease has many severe symptoms, including brain swelling and respiratory infections. But even if a child doesn’t get hit too badly by the worst symptoms, their immune system could still be left weaker for life. We just need more parents to vaccinate their kids, and then this disease will be gone for good.


There is still a lot of work that needs to go into eradicating cancer, but there are lots of health companies and disease experts that have it right at the top of their list. Just take a look at all the good work by firms like to see all the leaps and bounds that are being made in cancer research. It is thought that if the same level of effort and money is put into this important research, then we should start to see some significant breakthroughs in the next couple of decades.

Guinea Worm

Never heard of Guinea Worm? That’s probably a good thing! This is a devastating disease that affects children in deprived areas of the world. It is extremely painful and can leave children severely disabled. Thankfully, though, it isn’t fatal. Many experts are hoping that, just like smallpox, this will be the second disease to be completely eradicated from everywhere in the world, and not just in the most wealthiest of countries.


The majority of people who live in the western world wrongly believe polio to be completely eradicated. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case as it is still very prevalent in some very poor countries like Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan. Even though the majority of patients who catch polio will recover fully, it still leaves around 1% with severe disabilities that they have to face for life.

Thankfully, there is enough work and money being pumped into the research for each of these diseases that the outlook for the future is looking very positive.