I have purchased online several times – domain names, hosting services, software, apps, clothes, and others. One of the things I learned is how to take advantage of sales promotion codes. The companies I buy from often would have promotions and using discount coupon codes. It could be free shipping, getting extra items, or simply, have more savings. Let’s see what mamma.com has to offer.

What Pisses Me Off When I Search for Coupon Codes?

I use Google primarily to look for coupon codes – every time I am about to make a purchase. As great as Google is in indexing relevant sites, my issue is that most of the top listed sites are hard to navigate with some being spammy. I usually spend much more time than is acceptable.

Is it too much to ask these sites offering promotional codes to tone it down? Some are infuriating by using tactics forcing me to do certain things before I see the codes.

Coupon Codes

I was contacted to do a sponsored post on mamma.com. Before I agreed to do this post, I visited and checked out the site.

Why do companies offer coupon codes or discount codes?

We are the customers and vendors are in love with us, especially when we purchase. They offer coupon codes, discount codes, and promotional codes to entice us to fill up the shopping cart and check out with our credit cards. By offering special deals and sales promotions, they are taking us away from their competition.

Is It Easy to Find Coupon Codes with mamma.com?

From experience, and I am very good in searching, the answer is both yes and no. I am very skilled in research and have access to good Internet connection and powerful laptop that allows me to open tens of coupon code repositories at the same time.

Looking for sites offering coupon codes is easy. Getting the codes is the difficult part. What does mamma.com bring to the table? What differentiates them from countless others? Will I bookmark mamma.com as one of my default go-to sites?

Using mamma.com

Click here to open mamma.com in a new browser window. From the main page, there are four ways to look for coupon codes – search for the name of a shop, use the links on the upper right side to see a list of all stores, the top 50 coupons, and a list of companies categorized by the product types.

mamma.com Coupon Codes Search Engine

To get the coupon code for a company, simply click on show code. In this case, I clicked on Hotels.com. A window pops up showing me the code.

mamma.com Coupon Codes Search Engine

Easy, isn’t it? When I book a room, I save some money with the use of that coupon code.

Bookmark or Discard?

There are many other similar sites. While most are pretty difficult to navigate and as I mentioned earlier, some are spammy, mamma.com is straightforward. Because I occasionally purchase products/services online, I decided to bookmark mamma.com. Online shopping savings can be had if there is a coupon code available.

Disclosure: How to have more online shopping savings with discount coupon codes is a sponsored post by mamma.com. All opinions expressed are mine.