The reason for this is simple: the world is busy. In fact, it’s so busy that millions of people feel that they struggle to keep up. They struggle with stress, with heavy workloads, and with the general feeling that they’re just not doing enough. In this kind of environment, finding the time for beneficial relaxation can be difficult.


So people outsource it; they turn to businesses who can provide them with a 60-minute appointment that allows them to forget all their worries and concerns– for a short time, at least. If you’re a budding entrepreneur, there’s no doubt that focusing your own business aspirations on the relaxation industry is a very good choice. There is clearly a demand for these kinds of service, and you get to benefit from knowing that your business is making a real difference to people’s lives.

If you like the idea of living out your entrepreneurial dreams while helping others find a sense of peace, you might want to consider the relaxation-based business ideas below…


Working in aromatherapy can be a great choice if you want to focus on relaxation. You will need to take the time to learn about all the different essential oils and how beneficial they can be, but this can be done with online courses. You can then either offer your services as an aromatherapy consultant, or produce your own concoctions designed to ease specific issues people may be facing. Pulse point roll ons, for example, are low-cost to produce and can be sold at a high margin, so it’s a good choice if you’d prefer a product-based business.


Counseling is separate from psychiatry in that it focuses more on emotions than mental illness. The route into counselling is far simpler than psychiatry; qualifications in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, for example, can be done online. When you have qualified and have practical experience, you can offer either one-on-one or group sessions designed to help alleviate stress and encourage relaxation in people’s lives.


If your only exposure to hypnotists has been through the stage show version, then don’t worry– this business doesn’t involve making people cluck like a chicken. Clinical hypnotherapy is designed to aid issues with stress and addiction; you will need to qualify and register as a trained hypnotherapist, but then you can offer individual sessions to clients and build your business from there.


It’s impossible to talk about relaxation businesses without discussing massage– it is one of the most well-established forms of relaxation, and can be a lucrative business. Qualifications are relatively simple to obtain (especially when compared to a four-year degree), and you can then look into either working from a spa or your own home. You’ll also find it beneficial to undertake business coaching for massage therapists to help build your business, which should allow you to build a contact list of clients and make the most of both your newfound skills and your entrepreneurial focus.

In conclusion

If you want your business to be in the relaxation industry, the above are four options that will allow you to meet your business goals and find your place in this lucrative business area.