Back when I launched the Amazing Life Daily, one of the goals was to influence readers in positive ways. The same core values remain true today.

As I continue writing valuable and informative content, I also learned new techniques. So, besides life lessons, I also share things I learned in blogging.

Having said that, before contacting me about collaboration or working with me, I would like you to think about this:

What can you do for the amazing people who visit this blog daily?

How can you enhance the lives of the readers in positive ways?

Collaborating and Working with Me

Rather than grabbing any opportunity, I tend to be picky when it comes to collaborating. Each day, I receive emails asking for collaborations in one form or another. But most of the time, the offers are not a good fit for me. So, on this page, I would like to let you know what works for me and otherwise.

Non-Commercial Blog Collaboration

Guest Posting. On some occasions, I reach out to bloggers because of the incredible value they could give to readers. A few gracious bloggers accepted without asking for anything in return.

Successful & Influential People. I do feature people on the blog, but not because of prominence or status. Rather, they are ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things. At the very least, they have stories to tell that could inspire readers.

Working with Me

Through the years, I have come to know different ways of monetizing blogs. But in the end, I decided that readers should not see distractions but focus on the content. For that reason, I do not have any form of advertising.

Does that mean I am shutting the door on advertising?

No, but the only advertising I would allow is one non-intrusive banner Ad.

As for the other ways of monetizing blogs, I have no intention of using AdSense and the likes.

Sponsored Content

There are different ways of doing sponsored posts. One of them is a product or service write up. Unfortunately, that is not something I would like to do again.

The only sponsored content I accept on the Amazing Life Daily is blogger outreach. In this case, a client or an agency sends me unique articles written for my niche. These articles would contain an outbound link to clients. For this type of collaboration, I prefer to work with agencies.

Aside from pre-written unique content, there are times when I create the content. To be honest, I prefer this method because I could write more in-depth articles.

There is a trade-off when it comes to accepting pre-written content. On one hand, I do need to generate funds to continue running this blog. But pre-written contents are more generic posts that do not have many details. At any rate, this is a business decision and even so, these remain a minority by far in the blog.

Site Metrics

Blog sustainability is one thing brands and some agencies do not understand. This lack of understanding results in loss of money or value to clients.

For instance, there are thousands of blogs shutting down every hour. The staggering numbers are not at all surprising, though. Bloggers quit because they lost the interest, or they failed to earn money. As it is, earning a good income from blogs is harder than getting a good job.

Once a blog shuts down, any client it had losses the value of their investment in outreach or presence on the web.

Notice how I use the word investment to describe sponsored posts.

The reason for that is because a good blog would not only continue for years to come. It would also increase its authority, hence past outbound links become more valuable. In other words, the amount paid becomes a bargain as a blog becomes more authoritative.

I had that in mind during the conceptualization of the Amazing Life Daily. For instance, the domain name is secured for 10 years. As for hosting, I specifically chose a great web hosting company and paid in advance for two years. Make no mistake about it, this blog is here to stay for a long time.

For further reference, here is a screenshot of the last 30 days as reported by CloudFlare on the visitors.

Amazing Life Daily CloudFlare Stats Unique Visitors April 2017Contact Me

Are you ready to work with me?

Please send me an email: [email protected]