If you’ve ever seen the movie The Butterfly Effect, you are all too well familiar with the fact that every single decision, no matter how tiny and insignificant it may seem at the moment, can have serious and long-lasting consequences to our future. Needless to say, the way you go through your college years hence has a major impact on your later life. However, the question that poses itself is, how exactly do these magical college years shape your future and what is the extent of their power? This is a question we’ll be answering today, and perhaps some of the points made will make you reflect and reconsider your lifestyle choices. Remember, every road you take has a meaning, so make sure to change your course on time if you see that your current habits aren’t taking you where you want to be.

College Students

Reckless Spending

One of the charms of college life is finding ways to get by, organizing house or dorm parties instead of going clubbing to save money, buying clothes in thrift shops and finding amazing and cheap places to eat. With a student loan on your future self’s shoulders, you can’t afford to be frivolous with money. Don’t rely on credit cards; don’t live beyond your means. This is not the time for shopping sprees and spring breaks on exotic locations. If you do find yourself in need to borrow money, it better be for a good cause – books and necessities, not a new pair of designer shoes or anything extravagant like that.

Pricey Accommodation

The only people who can afford to live in big lofts while on minimum wage or no income at all are fictitious characters from popular TV series. No, you are not Rachel from Friends, so don’t try to live like her. Yes, it’s true that private accommodation comes with its set of perks; it gives you privacy and the chance to choose your roommate. However, privacy and comfort come at a price so, during these years, you need to learn to compromise and go for something more affordable. Don’t worry, it can still be fantastic, if you can learn to adjust a bit. For instance, Iglu student accommodation in Sydney and Brisbane is a wonderful option as it provides you with an amazingly furnished space, great communal areas and access to laundry facilities, lounge areas, cinema rooms and so much more. In some ways, shared accommodation can be far more beneficial as it gives you the opportunity to form friendships and networks that can be of great help once you’re out of college and in the real world.

College Students Studying

Picking Your Major

Switching from one major to another every semester might seem fun. After all, you’re in college, so why not have a taste of everything, right? Wrong. Picking a major is a huge deal and there are factors to take into consideration when making this decision. The first thing to think of is where you see yourself professionally. If you want to be an engineer, you can’t pick English Literature as your major and expect a career in engineering. The second is the financial aspect. If you’re hoping to enter the workforce and making big bucks, you need to do some research and see which professions are in high demand. Don’t expect to get rich with a degree in English Lit. Do your homework and make an informed decision; making important, monumental life-decisions on a whim can cost you a great career.

Nothing to Fall Back On

As expensive as college life is, there are always ways to cut back and even set some money aside even when living on a budget. You just have to get a bit creative. Sell your used textbooks on Amazon, and buy used books instead of expensive new ones. You can even sell some of your old clothes and buy ‘new’ ones at thrift shops. Don’t purchase the latest iPhone, settle for something on a budget that gets the job done. Stay in every other weekend and when you do go out, set a spending limit. A little here, and little there and you’ll have yourself a decent amount to fall back on. Having a financial safety net is essential for a good start once your college years are behind you. You never know what the future holds so don’t welcome it without a penny to your name.


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