Group Study and review is an extension of self-studying. Wouldn’t it be more fun to work together as a group rather than doing everything alone, all the time? The great thing about group study is that not everyone has to be reviewing for the same universities.

Group study does not have to be every day. In fact, it could be a weekly gathering. Although it has disadvantages, the benefits it provides far outweighs any downsides. In fact, even review centers utilize the benefits of group study in their classes.

Pros and Cons of UPCAT, ACET & DCAT Group Study and Review

Besides focusing on studying, your mind needs time to relax and chill. One benefit of group study is the social interaction. But along with the pros of group study are some cons.

Benefits of Group Study and Review for College Entrance Exams

We have established that group study is fun. In fact, it is uplifting to do an activity together with a common goal. After studying, you could spend more time socializing or doing other fun activities.

Before continuing, let me share this with you.

Once, a businessman shared the reason why he failed in his first business. “When I started my own company, I was the boss and I answer to no one,” he said. “Because of that, no one was holding my accountable for my inactions and mistakes.”

In many home settings and self-study, the lack of accountability leads to incomplete tasks. Being a part of a group eliminates that as you could hold each other on weekly goals, for example.

Although everyone in the group may not be preparing for the same universities, the same core subjects remain the same. Different universities have their ways of doing their exams, but most of the review materials do not vary as much. For that reason, another benefit of group study is being able to share learning materials. By pitching in ideas together, the chances of overlooking anything is also lesser.

You may or may not be aware of this, but working online is becoming a big industry in the Philippines. The three most common online jobs are virtual assistants, freelance writers, and teaching. Even review centers are now offering online reviews for UPCAT, ACET, and DCAT.

Depending on your internet connection and how savvy you are with using technology, you could also do the same thing. With a small study group, some meetings could be done using Google Hangouts, for instance. So, besides scheduling regular meetings, you may also have occasional online meetings.

Disadvantages of Group Study and Review for College Entrance Exams

I did allude to the fact that the pros of group study outweigh any potential cons.

One of the biggest benefits of group study is accountability. But if there is someone in the group who does not cooperate, then that may cause a rift. Instead of a fun studying environment, it could become counterproductive. This happens when emotional feeling towards another creep in such as annoyance.

It is also possible that there is one person in a group who may not be as motivated as others to do well. While this may not seem like a big issue, it does when this person becomes a distraction. Although unlikely, it is in the realm of possibilities that there is someone who wants to be a part of a group study as a means to get away from home. Either this person thinks the group study is more of a social gathering, or the meetings become a means to escape family issues.

Should this happen, the only thing you could do as a group is to talk about it without resorting to insults. Even if you feel annoyed, be glad for the opportunity to practice your relationship skills. Dealing with different people is something you will need to do anyway moving forward.

Tips for Better Group Study and Review

Group study is not a replacement of self-study. In fact, even if you were to enroll in a review center, you still need to self-study. So, the best way to think of group study is that it is a means to enhance the learning process.

For each of you in a group to realize the positive benefits of a group study, there are things you need to do.

Before agreeing to do a group study, you will have to meet and discuss the ground rules. After which, you will have to agree to hold each other accountable.

There are other things to discuss too, such as venue, schedules and meeting times. By the way, there is no excuse for being late to group meetings. If there is one thing that is priceless, then it is time. Not even the wealthiest person in the world could buy more time. As much as you want other people to respect your time, you should do the same to others too.

Is Group Study and Review for UPCAT, ACET & DCAT for You?

Absolutely. There is no reason why you should not participate in a group study. In fact, it is in your best interest to be a part of one. Or, you could take the lead and organize a group yourself.

Talk to your classmates and see how you could study together. It does not matter if some of you had chosen to study on their own, while others have enrolled in review centers.

In some ways, the economic status of a family can add or lessen the pressure of taking college entrance examinations. For most people coming from less fortunate families, the need may seem greater. Being in a group somehow lessens that pressure as you know you are not alone. But more than the company, it is also how you help and pull each other to be better that makes group study invaluable.

A group study, if done well, enhances the learning and reviewing experience. But its importance is more far reaching than you think. In a working environment, you will need to work with other people well. A group study helps you by affirming the importance of working as a team.

Accountability is the reason why people stay on track. Is that something that you would like too? A group study provides that and prepares you for the future as you are accountable to others as others are to you.

Do you now see the importance of reviewing with a group?