USANA Market Saturated

Is the USANA Market Saturated?

How important is personal development to opening your mind? The ability to see things in different perspectives can take you places. For example, someone...

Fortunate to Have a Mentor for Guidance

Trial by error. Fail forward. Learn from mistakes. These are all essential ingredients for achieving success. But there is a way to make the...
Crab Mentality

From Crab Mentality to Grab Mentality

Let’s work on turning crab mentality to grab mentality. A couple of decades ago, on a business trip to a Southern Luzon province, I went...
USANA Fame and Fortune

The Journey to Fame and Fortune

A few readers sent me messages suggesting that I add one more primary motivating factor. The more I thought about it, the more it...
How to Earn Dollars

How to Earn Dollars in One Week ($1,200)

Let me tell you how I earned $1,200 in one week. First, you need an opportunity to earn. And second, you need to understand...
XTRM 1-11 Recharge 2016 | Success Secret

Success Secret According to Bro. Velden Lim

I attended the XTRM 1-11 Recharge not too long ago and had the privilege of listening to an accomplished motivational speaker. Let me share...
XTRM 1-11 Succeeding in Life

XTRM 1-11: It’s All About Succeeding in Life

You and I are no different from each other. We both want the same thing and that is to bring happiness to our family....