What Success Is

A New Look at What Success Is to You

The opposite of succeeding is a failing. So if failing is learning, then why is it that the opposite of learning is ignorance? Confused?...
Teddy Bear

Life of a Teddy Bear and Your Unanswered Questions

No matter how much you think you have life figured out, there are always unanswered questions. While browsing Pixabay, I saw a photo that made...
Life Lessons in Travel | Atlantic Coast | Portugal

7 Amazing Life Lessons in Travel by Kylie Zimanyi

Note: It brings me immense pleasure to have Kylie Zimanyi guest posting here. The 7 Amazing Life Lessons in Travel was first published on...
Francis Kong

Bits and Pieces of Francis Kong

You never know when you are ‘rediscovering’ treasures if you have the habit of taking notes. So when I came across bits and pieces...
Eurasian Tree Sparrow Secret

The Secret Revealed by My Birdie Friend

I posted a photo of my birdie friend some time ago on Facebook. But what I didn’t mention was the secret my birdie revealed...

Crossroad: How Did I Get Here and Which Way Do I Go?

I am a participant of the greatest adventure in the world. A journey to a magical land where dreams are a reality. After having...
Feel Good

One Million Reasons to Feel Good

Nothing makes a blogger happier than to know there are people reading their blogs. I am no different. Today, August 1, 2016, I have...

Dreams: In Search of the Truth

On so many nights lying on the bed in the dark of the night, I lose myself in an unseen world that exists only...
Follow Your Dream | Thieves & Dream Stealers

I Live with Thieves: Dream Stealers

There are times when I have this unexplainable fear walking home. Is there someone hiding in the shadows and at any moment would attack...
OFW Homecoming

Homecoming: Life of Overseas Filipino Workers OFW and their Family

I’ve been seeing the mysterious homecoming post circling on social media. Here’s a life lesson from the reunion of an OFW couple and their...