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Perhaps not everyone realizes this, but a relationship is at the core of living life. No person is an island and, in fact, humans are social creatures who need to live with others. Every person we came across, no matter who they are, is a relationship of its own. Parents and children, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, lovers, it's all relationships. Even strangers, who would know when a more meaningful connection may form in the future? No matter what the relationship is, the one thing we need to do is to nurture and keep cultivating. Like many things, relationships could be pure, or it could be because of personal gain. Unfortunately, we experience much more of the latter than the former. Also, one that flourishes may also come crashing down. At any rate, relationships can make or break us. For that reason, this makes for an interesting topic to share on the Amazing Life Daily.

Building and Cultivating a Relationship

Staying Single Walang Forever

Staying Single Forever is #WalangForever?

“Did you know she’s single and available?” A friend tells me at a gathering. “I’m just saying.” What was I suppose to say? I...
Romance Ends

Romance Ends, Does Love Fade?

Science tried to explain why romance ends. While there were theories, clinical trials have been inconclusive. Does love end when the romance ends as it...
Personal Problems

Personal Problems & Dealing with It

In this day and age when there are more people connected to social media, it’s both fun and productive, or it could add to...
Finding Someone You Will Never Find

Finding Someone You Will Never Find

Why are you unhappy in your relationship? What is it that you want? Who are you looking for? Be careful and here’s why. I certainly...
Changing Person You Love

Changing Person You Love Is a Bad Idea

In a relationship, have you ever tried to influence your spouse or lover to change for the better? Do you motivate and inspire them...
Chasing Love Destructive Love

Chasing Love Can Become Destructive Love

What makes it hard to have a true relationship that last? Being active on social media, there is one aspect that has left me...
Tears | HUGOT Quotes

HUGOT Quotes: Hadlang sa Ikabubuti Mo

I am writing this post without a particular person in mind. Napapansin ko kasi minsan sa Facebook, there are people sharing HUGOT quotes. Usually,...
Family | Positive Relationship

Positive Relationship or Negative Relationship

Are you in a positive relationship or negative relationship? Time and again, I heard people in a relationship say it is about sacrifice. Should...