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Whether or not one realizes it, a relationship is perhaps at the core of living life. No one person is an island and in fact, humans are social creatures that need to live with others. Every family and person we know or came across is a relationship of its own. Although most of the relationships are never anything more than a passing glance towards strangers, others go deeper. For instance, we grew up with our family and throughout childhood, made friends. Those are relationships that we would like to keep cultivating. At work or in doing business, relationships could also form, but most are for the wrong reasons. In other words, there are far more people who nurture relationships based on self-gain. And then there is the romantic relationship that either brings happiness that lasts a lifetime or ends in despair. Regardless, all relationships can make or break us, which is why it is a great topic to cover in the pursuit of living an amazing life.

Building and Cultivating a Relationship

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