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Blogging is a platform for sharing thoughts, opinions, observations, and personal experiences. Like many others, I started blogging by sharing my personal life experiences too. Sharing life experiences seem to be the easiest thing to do, but in reality, that’s not true. For one, it’s unlikely that people are willing to share their weaknesses. Furthermore, people tend to want to show their best. Because of that, writing about my life is the most difficult subject for me. Back when I started several years ago, I found myself venting even without meaning to. I was also seeking affirmation that the personal issues were not because of me. But those were the wrong intentions. Not only did that attitude stop me from moving on, it was as if I was dragging everyone else down with me. Those early years in blogging were among the darkest times of my life. From the pits of nothingness, I emerged a stronger person who believes in passing values. Today, I no longer write because I want the world to sympathize with me. Instead, I hope to use my stories to spread positivity.

Inspiration from Personal Life Experiences

Letter to My Twenty Year Old Self | Pia Dysangco Villamor

A Letter to My Twenty Year Old Self by Pia Dysangco Villamor

Note: Pia Dysangco Villamor is the kind of blogger whose writings can resonate with just about anyone. It's such a great pleasure to have...
The Girl by the Pool

The Girl by the Pool

It was a slow day for us. I was thinking of cleaning my scuba gear when I saw her walk in followed by a...
Finding Life Purpose Empty Beach

Finding Life Purpose on the Empty Beach of Mamburao in Occidental Mindoro

The municipality of Mamburao in Occidental Mindoro will always be memorable. Because it’s here on an empty beach where my journey to finding life...
Time Runs Out

Time Runs Out

“I can’t think. I can’t breathe.” I feel my body start to tremble. “Dear Lord, what should I do? There is nowhere for me...
SSHS '86 Reunion

SSHS ’86 Reunion: 30 Years After

Saturday, July 30, 2016. I was composing a letter for my son Rinaldo early afternoon and had written, “It’s hard to look forward and...
A Message for Students

A Message for Students: Build Your House on Rock

A Message for Students was written by my niece, Gwendolyn. She is currently a grade 10 student at the Jubilee Christian Academy. - ROBERT...

Thank You Friends

You think you had a difficult childhood? I thought so too. Of course now I know better. But let me start by saying this...
Feeling Guilty

Feeling Guilty After Brother Died in Taiwan

My brother died in Taiwan over a year ago and today, I feel as guilty as the days and the weeks after. The same...
Momi Berlin Anecdotes 1

Lesson from Kids: Momi Berlin Anecdotes 1

I was chatting with blogger Berlin Domingo of MOMI BERLIN about her series of anecdotes when I had an idea. See, we can learn...
School Bully

School Bully: How Do You Handle Bullies?

When I was taking my children to school, I cannot help but wonder. At the drop off area, I often see children protesting, refusing...