Time Runs Out

Time Runs Out

“I can’t think. I can’t breathe.” I feel my body start to tremble. “Dear Lord, what should I do? There is nowhere for me...
SSHS '86 Reunion

SSHS ’86 Reunion: 30 Years After

Saturday, July 30, 2016. I was composing a letter for my son Rinaldo early afternoon and had written, “It’s hard to look forward and...
A Message for Students

A Message for Students: Build Your House on Rock

A Message for Students was written by my niece, Gwendolyn. She is currently a grade 10 student at the Jubilee Christian Academy. - ROBERT...

Thank You Friends

You think you had a difficult childhood? I thought so too. Of course now I know better. But let me start by saying this...
Feeling Guilty

Feeling Guilty After Brother Died in Taiwan

My brother died in Taiwan over a year ago and today, I feel as guilty as the days and the weeks after. The same...
Momi Berlin Anecdotes 1

Lesson from Kids: Momi Berlin Anecdotes 1

I was chatting with blogger Berlin Domingo of MOMI BERLIN about her series of anecdotes when I had an idea. See, we can learn...
School Bully

School Bully: How Do You Handle Bullies?

When I was taking my children to school, I cannot help but wonder. At the drop off area, I often see children protesting, refusing...
ROBERT LEE | Boracay Scuba Diving and Life Lessons

Boracay Scuba Diving and Life Lessons

If there is one thing my closest friends know about me, it is how I can see things from a different perspective. It was...
Tomorrow Is Another Day

Tomorrow Is Another Day: Fooling Yourself

Some days ago, I posted, “Who wants to meet at Shangri-La Mall?” The ensuing comments and replies led to my thinking about Tomorrow Is...
Butong Pakwan | Dried Watermelon Seeds

Butong Pakwan: 4 Decades of Burden & Regrets

Four decades ago, when I was not ten years old, my mother bought a pack of butong pakwan or dried watermelon seeds. It was...