A friend once told me that everything we do is a result of every decision and actions we made in the past. In other words, our future life is a result of what decide and do moving forward. Having said that, wouldn't it be prudent to live the way that leads to what we want to be? At the top of every person’s wish is to be happy. For one to arrive at a perpetual state of bliss and happiness, there’s a journey to take. In that sense, life becomes a journey with different paths to take. But which one is the right path? It may be difficult to choose the right path when there are countless paths that lead to even more paths. Choosing the right path or doing the right thing is impossible unless one knows the destination. So, it’s important for each one of us to know our own purpose for living, because that’s the only road map we need. Life is everything about us, and that’s what I would like to share on this blog. No, it’s not a feel-good or ego thing, but more of sharing my discoveries and realizations.

Life Is Amazing

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