USANA Pure Rest Sleep Apnea

Can USANA Pure Rest Cure Sleep Apnea & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

I was asked. “Can USANA Pure Rest cure sleep apnea?” I said, “No.” “Are you sure?” My online friend asked. “I was told it could by...
Punishing People Who Love You

Punishing People Who Love You

When we love someone, we want this someone to have the best of everything, to be happy. Now many of us do not realize...
Wealthy Lifestyle and Poor Health

Wealthy Lifestyle and Poor Health

“We are living too short and dying too long,” Dr. Myron Wentz said. When you think about it, it's true. How many people do...

Cirrhosis and Thoughts of My Mom

One afternoon, the phone rang. It was not my job to answer the phone so I let it be. My dad was there in...
Breast Cancer Parabens

Breast Cancer Parabens: Rewritten and Updated

I wonder how they do it. Companies using parabens on their products for decades say it is safe. But there are studies that suggest...
Gallstone | Ruptured Gallbladder

Ruptured Gallbladder Emergency Surgery

Soon after having dinner with my XTRM 1-11 teammate Gladys, the discomfort started. It has to be ruptured gallbladder, I thought. The timing couldn’t...