Kerrie Phipps DO Talk to Strangers

Successful & Influential: Kerrie Phipps

Hi, everyone. Let me begin this post by asking, “Do you have friends?” So, think of the first time you met some of your...
Child Abuse & Torture | Death Penalty

Horrific Crimes that Call for the Return of Death Penalty in the Philippines

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Is there no hope at all that we have to resort to the restoration of the death penalty? The...
Dutertards vs. Yellowtards

Tuning Out the Noises of Dutertards and Yellowtards

Since a year ago, I had acquired the habit of cleaning up my Facebook account. That means when there are people who are toxic,...
Rodrigo Duterte Rhetoric

Separating Substance from Duterte Rhetoric to See His Intentions

I think the intentions of the president is clear. You only have to separate substance from the Duterte rhetoric to see where we are...
Bernadette Alfonso-Leytte | Successful & Influential

Successful & Influential: Bernadette Alfonso-Leytte

Pet owners and lovers, how well do you know your pets and do you know what they need? So why am I asking questions...
Veronica Pototska | Successful & Influential

Successful & Influential: Veronica Pototska

One reason why inspiration is good is that it keeps us moving forward. That is why I love taking inspiration from successful and influential...
Little Girl

Crying for the Little Girl and Humanity: Do We Even Care at All?

Crying for the little girl – that is exactly how I felt in my heart as I watched the video. It is easy to...
Saving Thresher Sharks

How You Help People by Saving Thresher Sharks

Saving Thresher Sharks campaign October 12, 2016, an update from Save Sharks Network Philippines: Thresher sharks are now protected globally after being voted into Appendix II of...
Duterte Extrajudicial Killings

Yes or No to Duterte Extrajudicial Killings?

President Rodrigo Duterte does not mince words. During the election campaign, he admits to womanizing and proud of it too. Worse, he cracks inappropriate jokes....
Successful & Influential: Sonnie Santos

Successful & Influential: Sonnie Santos

Achievers are admirable for being successful in their chosen professions. When I was younger, I looked up to influential people and wished I could...