Growing Your Business

What Does Growing a Business Actually Imply?

We’ve all heard these phrases before. Grow your business, how to make your business grow, grow your business with these 5 steps, and so...
E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit

A Few Thoughts on the 2017 E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit

E-Commerce in the Philippines is not new. At a summit that I attended, the DTI and private companies presented fantastic statistics. To be honest,...
PhilYes B2B eCommerce Expectations

How PhilYes B2B Works for Businesses and My Expectations

In previous posts on the E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit, I have written about B2B eCommerce. On this post, I would like to offer you a...
Thinking Beyond Philippines B2B

Thinking Beyond Growing Your Business with Philippines B2B Platforms

The evolution of business is unfolding right before our eyes, but are we even noticing? Some of the newer but recognizable brands have had...
PhilYes B2B Philippines

Will PhilYes Take B2B eCommerce in Philippines to a Higher Level?

There’s no better time to start a business than today. The economy is great and the tools you need to run your business is...
Business to Business B2B eCommerce

Business to Business B2B eCommerce in the Philippines Need to Grow

In the last several years, the economy of the Philippines is one of the best in Asia, and next to China in growth. The...
Finding Your Life Changing Opportunity

Finding Your Life Changing Opportunity

Why is it that for some reason, there are people who seem to have all the luck stumbling on an incredible opportunity that enriched...
Business with Big Heart | USANA & True Health Foundation

A Business with a Big Heart

As a part of XTRM 1-11, one of the things we are proud of as an organization are the partnerships we have – Technomarine,...
Network Marketing Book

Should I Write a Network Marketing Book?

As great as NETWORK MARKETING is, there are several things that bother me. It is not the difficulty, but the legitimacy and ethical practices. Last...
Robert Kiyosaki | Network Marketing

Why Do People Get In Network Marketing?

I get it. Visitors of this blog come from different countries with different standards and cost of living. Working in the same industry with...