Hard for Better Everything

Hard or Hard for Better Everything

Could life be better for you? Do you have enough for today and tomorrow? If you have to pick one, (1) hard or (2)...
Travel and Savings

Travel and Savings

Sitting at a table beside me is a regular customer of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL). He’s here to pass the time, while...
Missed Opportunity

Missed Opportunity – And You Had No Idea

On late Monday afternoon, July 7, 2016, I posted a status update on Facebook: “Sino ang hirap makatulog sa gabi?” (Who has difficulty sleeping...

What Kind of Employee Are You?

It’s pretty hard to see from different perspectives unless you have a mentor, or you have been on both sides of the fence. In...

Legacy: How Will You Be Remembered?

How does it feel to be insignificant, taken for granted and largely ignored? We may not remember the situation, but we remember the feeling....
Networking Matters

Networking Matters

As a child, I was taught to avoid talking to strangers. It was good advice. Being a child, I was unwise to the ways...
A Business for the Ages

A Business for the Ages

No matter how unique you think you are, what have you done that others have not done before, or have done it better than...
Burning Desire

Burning Desire

A friend of mine, Sonnie Santos, wrote a great piece on his blog – ASKSONNIE. His post was about Endo (end of contract for...
Network Marketer | Kidnapped

The Day I Was Kidnapped by Network Marketer

Recently, a friend posted old photos of our time when we were amateur radio enthusiasts. It triggered memories of the day I was kidnapped...

Employment to Solopreneur | NO FEAR | How?

Time and again, you have seen amazing quotes from great motivational speakers and business leaders on how fear is a hindrance to your success,...