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Besides creating content, blog promotion is another necessary component to monetize blogs. Through the years, the methods in promoting blogs continued evolving. Now, more than ever, bloggers are using more strategies but not all works well. Unfortunately, some that used to work may no longer be the case today. Promoting a blog the right way could lead to gaining more readers. At this point, whether bloggers decide to monetize blogs is a matter of choice. Once the number of visitors increases, it is up to bloggers to determine how they want to earn money. It can be confusing in the beginning, though, as there are different ways of generating an income. Learning how to promote is easier if bloggers collaborate with each other. Furthermore, there are ways one could help out the others in cross-promoting their blogs. One thing to remember is that at the end of the day, readers are the priority.

Blog Promotion and Positioning to Monetize Blogs

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