People blog for a variety of reasons. Even companies and businesses are maintaining their own blogs nowadays. As for me, I remain true to what blogging is, and that is to express, communicate and add value. Regardless of intentions, there are fundamental methods to the art of blogging. There are three key areas under this category. First is content creation and design. A lot of bloggers do not realize that there is so much more to creating content other than publishing posts. Aside from writing value-adding posts, a blog's design and reader experience are also important. Second, most bloggers do have an understanding of the importance of promoting posts. But only a few spend the time to learn how to do it the right way. As a result, earning money from blogging has remained a mystery to most bloggers. Finally, there is a universe of bloggers out there. As part of this universe, one of my roles is to help bloggers connect with each other by creating a robust community. After all, isn't it more fun to do an activity with people who share the same interest and passion?

Blogging Together As One Community

Dirty Business Influencers

The Dirty Business of Brands, PR, Social Media Influencers and Bloggers

Brand to influencer relationship can be simple or complicated, depending on the dynamics. Ask anyone and they will say the same thing, given a choice, they’d...
Sponsored Post

Turning a $10 Sponsored Post into Several $60 Posts

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Amazing Life Daily WordPress Theme and Plugins

Under the Hood of the Amazing Life Daily: Theme and Plugins

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2016 December Blog Income

Starting the Year Right After $270 Blog Income December 2016

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Ugly Truth About Mommy Bloggers

Making Sense of the Ugly Truth About Mommy Bloggers

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Blog Visual Branding

Amazing Visual Branding for Blogs and Bloggers on Social Networks

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Guest Blogging

The Bad and the Good Side of Guest Blogging Here

Guest blogging, also known as guest posting, is both bad and good. Used for the wrong purpose, it has a negative impact for both...
Blog Topics

Blog Topics for Bloggers Who Ran Out of Ideas

In the blog community, I talked about the importance of having real engagements and how it is the foundation of building a relationship. A...
Life Lessons on Adding New Categories

Life Lessons on Adding New Categories on the Amazing Life Daily

Hello, friends. Some of you are new here, others are returning visitors. But it doesn’t matter. We have a culture of “come one, come...
Blogger Accountability

Blog Collaboration: Superstar Bloggers Need Blogger Accountability

Why on earth do you need blogger accountability partners? Those who want to become superstar bloggers need to be accountable. Here’s something for you...