There have been many diets in recent years that actively promote fresh foods. Many forbid processed snacks and refined foods like sugar. There are many good intentions behind such strict diets. And there are plenty of studies that suggest they might have a valid point. But quitting everything that comes in a packet might be a step too far for many people. After all, many of our favorite healthy choices are often processed at some level just to reach you in a fresh condition.

Of course, a natural lifestyle goes beyond just eating fresh foods. Many people are trying to avoid plastic although this is impossible if you’re reading this article right now. Your computer or tablet or phone is full of the stuff! Then there are the cables that connect your router to the line for your internet. The list goes on and on. Sure, your home can be built from sustainable sources of wood. But there will always be plastic, concrete, and other ‘less green’ materials involved.

So how natural can you go?

The essence of the natural lifestyle is to reduce the use of everyday things that aren’t so natural. You might leave your car at home and cycle to work. Maybe you choose natural remedies and supplements to prescription pharmaceuticals? And perhaps you really can make your own snacks from fresh foods. Maybe you even grow them yourself?

Before pharmaceuticals

There was a time long ago when plant extracts were the only option. People today are trying to tap into that ancient knowledge to benefit their health and improve their sense of wellbeing. Supplements from plant extracts like those at are becoming increasingly popular as people research the uses for them. It is not clear whether natural or plant-derived remedies offer cures or a reduction of symptoms for illnesses and diseases. But it’s unlikely to cause harm in trying.


Of course, some supplements are essential to ensure the body receives all the nutrition it needs to function. Diets lacking in vitamins and minerals can cause harm over time. Multivitamins are popular because so many of us do struggle to eat well from each food group. And even if you do eat your five a day, chances are the level of nutrients in each fruit or vegetable could be depleted. Agricultural practices and environmental damage can be part of the problem here.

Plan for improvement?

You might be interested in putting a plan together to reduce your reliance on less healthy options in life. Start with your carbon footprint. Leave the car at home whenever you can and walk or cycle instead. Staycations at home instead of flights and transfers for overseas travel can help here too. Use fabric bags instead of plastic. Opt for packaging that can be recycled.

That’s the environment taken care of so now you need a plan for your health. Yes, natural remedies and supplements including oils are thought to help lots of people with a variety of problems. A good fresh food diet and plenty of exercise are known to reduce your risk of illness. Can you enjoy a more natural lifestyle?