I was reading a post written by Molly Larkin titled New Year, New You, and realized January 2016 will soon be over. At the end of the month, 36% of people will break their New Year’s Resolution.

Before Last Year Ended

Remember what it was like at the end of last year?

As we looked forward to a new year, there was a sense of renewed hope. We promised to do better in the coming year, with a commitment to do our best to be better.

Seeing that 3 to 4 people out of 10 will break their New Year’s resolution at the end of the first month is not surprising. I am one of them. God knows how many resolutions I have broken in the last four decades.

As much as you and I would like to keep the promises we made, the reality is that it is much harder than it seems.

For reasons that are real or imagined, we lack control of ourselves. Let’s give credit where credit is due. We have talent and skills. We are a lot of things, but only a few of us are masters of our destiny.

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Keeping New Year’s Resolution

After the first month, up to 4 people would have failed to keep their New Year’s resolution. And then it gets worse. By the end of the sixth month, 6 out of 10 people will not keep theirs.

So why are there many of us who fail to keep our New Year’s resolution?

I believe many of us lack the discipline because there was never a foundation, to begin with. For instance, I don’t recall learning goal setting from formal education. And was time management even taught?

Knowing how to is one thing, but practicing as a matter of habit is another.

Is there a correlation between being a habitual goal setter and being an achiever? I suspect there must be. But setting goals is not a guarantee that one could achieve, it does raise the chances of success.

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Final Thoughts

A New Year’s resolution is a commitment we are making to change. Some of us list down the resolutions, and that is good. But how many of us break down each resolution into smaller tasks and goals?

Granted that an individual knows what to do, there is one more thing. Think of the consequences of failure to act. At the same time, find all reasons why it is important to keep the New Year’s resolution.