Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a way for companies to increase their bottom lines. At least that was my impression until I came across MNET HEALTH SERVICES. But as it turns out there are far greater reasons that benefit healthcare providers.

Let’s put it this way.

In providing service to patients, there are tasks that healthcare providers need to do. So, if these tasks are not only taken away but done better, then patients receive an even better service.

In other words, tapping into MNET HEALTH SERVICES’ expertise in Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) results in a win-win situation for healthcare providers and patients.


MNET HEALTH SERVICES is the leading expert in optimizing business processes for healthcare providers. So, to keep within its principles, the company uses innovations in cloud service technology. Furthermore, it’s commitment to integrity, fidelity, and creative solutions help them exceed expectations. For these reasons, they are able to give the highest level of service to both the healthcare providers and patients.

There are four brands or subsidiaries that make up MNET HEALTH SERVICES:

Mnet Financial

​Mnet Financial uses innovative approaches in the collection industry. As a result, it has become the leader in receivable management solutions. So, one of the benefits for providers is having better receivable tools to use. And even better is a partnership in bad debt recovery. For these reasons, Mnet Financial is the superior choice in healthcare industry financial services.


Medical treatment or surgical procedure has proven to be a challenge for many patients. Also, adding to the woes are the high deductible insurance plans. Even worse are when procedures are not covered by the insurance policy. So, that’s why providers choose MedDraft to set up and manage payment plans with patients.

Patient Billing Services

Patient Billing Services specializes in giving patients personalized billing support. Its partnership with best-in-class medical providers ensures that patients receive a good billing experience. Friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating billing agents help patients understand their bills and payment options.

Patient Choice Credit

Patient Choice Credit gives patients the ability to pay for treatment or procedure. Consider this. Receiving health, wellness, or beauty procedure or surgery patients need is possible with financing. That is a great solution that comes with the convenience of affordable monthly payments.

BPaaS Leader in Healthcare Industry

When you consider the state of healthcare is, most people agree that the system could be better. While it’s true that healthcare services are businesses, so there is a need to earn, it is not always the case.

At the core of a provider’s practice, there is a sincere desire to serve the best interest of patients. But from the healthcare provider to the patient, there are stages that could be better. And this is where the BPaaS leader in healthcare industry comes in.

Instead of doing everything on their own, outsourcing allows several things to happen. One is that the level of excellence is now higher because of expert services. Another is improving efficiency because that is what companies like MNET HEALTH SERVICES do.

In other words, healthcare providers are able to focus on what they need to do. And other stages of delivering service to patients is now taken care of by experts. Not only can they do it better, it is also cheaper and safer.

Patients have to appreciate the improvements in service rendered by healthcare providers. About the only patients who may not appreciate are the ones who do not pay. And here is another advantage of MNET HEALTH SERVICES. They can do the collection for the healthcare providers.

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