As a blogger, I write and express my thoughts. Some of the posts I had made need facts hence I had to spend time on research. Others are based on experience and things I have learned from my mentors and the great people I have met online. I believe in bloggers networking to learn and promote goodwill among each other.

Regardless of the different reasons why people blog, it is made fun by networking with a community of bloggers.

Bloggers networking have an inherent advantage over those who choose to be on their own. As someone who is a part of a community, I learn from other bloggers – writing, design, and opportunities. Best of all, I now have a group of people I call friends and we speak the same language.

I write and express my thoughts as a blogger. Some of the posts I wrote needed facts hence I had to spend considerable time on research. The other posts were easier and for that, I have to be grateful to my mentors and the great people I met. It is through what I call bloggers networking that I learned and shared here.

Regardless of the motives, it is good to know people, especially fellow bloggers. And the concept bloggers networking is to promote goodwill and cultivate relationships.

As part of a community of like-minded people, blogging becomes fun. In sharing experiences and knowledge with each other, we take blogging to higher levels.

In the end, it is in bloggers networking where strangers become friends.

A Few People I Came to Know

Bloggers come from diversified backgrounds. For instance, it appears that I have nothing in common with Martine de Luna. Who is to know that she would be the first featured successful and influential person on this blog?

But you know what?

Both blog coach Martine and I share the same passion.

I am privileged to be a friend of Martine De Luna, a highly successful and influential blogging coach. Read on and know…

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I gave in to the demands of my brain cells. They need information, so I used all opportunities to learn from Martine.

From her, I came to know Missy Castro. She is a businesswoman, a yoga instructor, and a casual blogger sharing her travels.

What I am saying here is that if I had not known Martine, then I may not have known Missy.

If I had not bought into the idea of bloggers networking, then my connection would not have grown.

This week, it is my honor and privilege to have Missy Castro as our featured successful and influential person of the week.#AmazingLifeDaily #MissyCastro #Yoga #APOFloors Missy Castro

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There are two professions that I place high above any other else – soldiers and educators. In the Philippines, these two professions come with great sacrifice and yet, these people are largely underappreciated.

How then could I not feature Pia Morato who could have chosen a profession given that she has all the means? Instead, she chose to be an educator and continues to be an advocate for better education.

What makes a person truly successful and influential is giving back to the community, or working for higher purposes….

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There’s a lot of things you could learn from Pia. She used to teach but now works behind the scenes to uplift education in the country.

Her radio show, DZRJ EDUCATION Radio, is a platform where she could feature influencers.

And who is to know, that I would have the opportunity to talk about blogging in her show?

One hour talking about blogging in the Philippines, that is an experience I will not forget. But more important, I hope folks who tuned in found value.

Here's my experience and lessons learned being a guest of my friend, Pia Morato on her DZRJ 810 AM, The Voice of the Philippines, EDUCATION RADIO show.#PiaMorato #BlogTalk #EDUCATIORadio #DZRJ

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And then more …

One thing leads to another. So it is with people. From one person to the next person, who will I meet next?

Is there any doubt in your mind why bloggers networking is important?

So one time, I thought of buying perfume. I haven’t used one for decades. I may know many things, but perfume is definitely not one of them. And that is where Sabine of So Far So Sabine comes in. She picked one for me.

Like I said, bloggers come from a diversified background.

If you are into mouth-watering food, then Alison Grant of Cheery Kitchen will do just that. In the Philippines, Me-An Clemente of Yogo and Cream does an excellent job of doing food reviews.

Now, I have not seen the other side of the earth. Actually, I have only been to a few countries. So reading Joanna Davis’ posts on countries like Cuba proved fascinating for me. Go head over to The World in My Pocket and look for her posts on Havana.

Being a dad, I appreciate blogs focusing on family, especially children. Berlin Domingo, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in person, does not disappoint. He anecdotes on her kids posted on Momi Berlin are winners.

I am letting you in on a little secret. As part of editing old blog posts, I also try to update if appropriate. So I took the liberty of adding Me-An Clemente, and I am adding one more here.

Bloggers Networking

Of course, I know far more people than who I have mentioned here. What I wanted you to understand is this.

First, I showed you how from one person, I met another person, and then to another person.

Second, the other people I met in the circle of bloggers networking, not only have they become friends, who do they know that may become my friends too?

I’d like to tell you also that I chose to use the word networking. Because in many places, that word itself connotes network marketing.

Does network marketing bother you?

I am one, you know.

But I digress.

One thing the things I do whenever I am in Shanghai is to sometimes stop by at a local bar frequented by expats. They have a large community and they have groups organizing regular meetups.

One time, a new expat asked the others, “How do I find better opportunities here?”

Everyone there said, “networking.”

So bloggers networking may be for different reasons. Let’s set aside personal gain, but rather focus on promoting friendship.