Bloggers write and post, while readers read. What does a blogger have to offer that readers would come back for more? Do blog readers connect with the blog or the blogger?

When you take in the totality, then it’s easy to say bloggers write about anything under the sun. While some share their personal lives, others are more inclined to monetizing their blogs.

What is common between bloggers is that they would love to have more readers. Even better, to have a high retention of blog readers.

Why do Blog Readers Return to Blogs?

I am not only a blogger but also a reader.

How do I end up visiting different blogs?

For one, I stumble on blogs due to catchy titles. In all major news sites that I frequent, they have a section for sponsored blog posts. Early on, I click to read after seeing a catchy title that piqued my interest. Lately, I am getting immune to these types of posts.

Another way I ‘discover’ other blogs is in the blog community I belong to. As part of bloggers networking, we run cross-promotions so I end up reading other blogs.

I bookmark some blogs I happen to like as I am sure, you do too. On why I return to blogs I visited, a few reasons include:

  • It contains information I need and might need.
  • I could relate to the posts.
  • Instead of only reading, I feel the emotion as I read.
  • I learn.
  • It is relevant to my niche.

Can you think of any other reasons?

So with all the reasons I could think of, I try to present the Amazing Life Daily in a way readers will like.

It’s not a matter of posting what readers want to read, it is also about writing in a way that is pleasing. But the most important thing of all is to keep adding values.

Connecting with the Blog

Can blog readers connect with the blog? Of course. In my opinion, this is the first level of connection.

I don’t consider one-and-done such as a blog reader dropping in to read one post and leave as a connection.

But when a reader starts to read other posts, then that is the start of a connection. The more posts blog readers like, then the higher chances that the readers would return in the future.

Connecting with the Blogger

If blog posts are relevant and meaningful, blog readers would like to know who the blogger is.

And that is the beauty of the blogging platform. By its nature, it is conducive to forming a relationship between a blog reader and the blogger.

A higher level of connection starts when blog readers communicate with the blogger. This could be leaving comments, sending emails, or following on social media.

Communicating with Blog Readers

When do bloggers communicate with the readers? In fact, how do bloggers even know who is online?

Actually, a blogger starts communicating as early as organizing ideas before writing. But that depends on the attitude of a blogger.

I believe the best way to write is not only to think about what the readers want. It is writing with the mindset of communicating with the blog readers.

You see, the way I think affects the way I do things. In other words, my intention influences the words I use and the manner I write. So intention might as well be the beginning of communicating.

What makes you warm up to a new person you meet? Is it because there is something you need? Or is it if the new person does not pose a threat, meaning, this person doesn’t want you for something?

No, I didn’t think so.

What makes you warm up to a person is when you feel the sincerity. So in the same manner, I think that by being sincere, blog readers can sense that.

Sincerity, in this case, is the beginning of building trust. And trust is the reason why blog readers and the blogger may continue to communicate.