Some of you might have noticed that I have not posted as much content as I used to. Could it be because I am getting bored with blogging? Or perhaps I am practicing what I preach about prioritizing productive time to earn money on the side?

In the past, blogger friends have asked me for advice on how they could monetize their blogs. I would tell them that it takes time for a blog to earn, but that is only if they could put up good content first.

Having said that, there are two ways for bloggers to go.

One is to start earning tokens and gift checks by attending as many events as they could. Because many of them value instant gratification, they do not put up quality content. The same is true for those who specialize in writing about products they receive from brands.

Another way to earn from blogging is by not earning at all. I believe it is important for bloggers intent on earning money to invest time and effort for at least a year. During this time, they should publish informative long posts that readers find valuable. After a year and at least 100 long posts, then they could start monetizing.

But even if a blogger had done the right things, there are still no guarantees that the blog would earn money. As far as I could remember, one expert said 99% of blogs would not earn over $200 in their lifetime.

And so, this is where prioritizing productive time becomes important for bloggers.

Freelance Article Writer

A lot of people make the wrong assumption that because I am a blogger, then I could be a professional writer.

Anyone can blog, but being a blogger does not mean that person could be a professional writer. In other words, not all bloggers could qualify to receive decent writing jobs.

But we all have to start somewhere.

In the quest to excel in blogging, I found myself editing old posts to apply new learnings. It could be the use of certain words or formats, or it could about SEO. Regardless, by improving old posts, I also improve myself.

Somehow, I also found myself finding and accepting writing jobs from the freelance marketplaces. It did not bother me one bit to receive a low compensation. In my mind, the real value was not in the money itself, but the techniques I would learn.

And every time I learned something new from the different writing jobs I took, guess what I would do?

Yes, apply the new techniques on this blog. In some cases, I would also make minor edits on older posts.

As a freelance article writer and a blogger, I felt that these two complemented each other well.

From article writing, I learned different writing techniques and research, which benefits the blog. As I continue to evolve to be a better blogger, the experience makes me a better writer.

Prioritizing Productive Time

Is the time spent blogging a good use of time?

Some people play games, others watch movies, and then there is blogging.

As an activity, there is nothing that I can say about whether it is a good use of time or otherwise. But for those who wish to earn money from blogging, that question becomes relevant.

Let me give you an example to better explain my point.

It is almost certain that I would not attend events and accept compensation in exchange for a blog post.

For one thing, it is not easy to find the right brands to work with. But the biggest hurdle is the compensation for my time.

I do get compensated for writing articles, but I also wanted to work on my blog.

Where do I draw the line?

Finally, I thought I found a solution and that is to publish less on the blog. So, lately, I do publish sponsored contents, but the way I write posts has changed.

I prefer to write longer posts as the metrics have shown they bring more traffic to this blog.

Instead of instant gratification, I continue to work on the site to make it grow further. Rather than spending time on pennies, I would like to aim for the dollars. In other words, I work on my blog to make it more valuable, rather than trying to earn money.

As a result, like what happened in February, I did seek out sponsors. But the blog still generated a small amount for me.

Blog Income March 2017

For the second straight month, I depended on old clients who passed me sponsored contents. Other than that, I do not have other means to earn money from this blog.

Still, I thought the money generated in March 2017 was not so bad at all.

So, how much did I earn this month?


Come to think of it, that is almost the same amount I paid to own this domain name for 10 years and web hosting for 2 years.

Compared to January, I did a lot more work to earn over $300. But this past month, I had been working on article writing, which is giving me a far better income.

Regardless, it was because of prioritizing productive time the past months that made earning money from the blog happen.

Delayed Gratification for Easier and Bigger Gains

One of the things I could show people is the metrics of the site. Organic traffic continues to be the biggest source of visitors and I could use more. But even as I continue to increase the organic traffic, loyal readers are also important. Hence, there must be a healthy balance of sponsored content and informative articles.

Readers do not return to see new ads or new commercial posts. When they return to a blog, it is because they know there are interesting articles to read. So, in prioritizing productive time, it should be for the benefit of new and returning readers.

As long as a blog continues to receive organic traffic and returning readers, earning money later becomes easier.