Last month, I published my first ever post on blog income and have an intention to do it monthly. So, how did I do this month, did my blog income January 2017 increase or decrease? No, I am not breaking down everything as if this is a financial report. Instead, I will share my thoughts on sustainable sponsored contents.

Sustainable Sponsored Contents

According to bloggers who sell eBooks on earning money to other bloggers, we could make money. There are countless ways including affiliate marketing, advertising, sponsored contents or posts. Furthermore, income can also come from selling digital content and others.

On this blog income January 2017 post, let us focus on sponsored contents.

Passive Blog Income vs. Sustainable Blog Income?

A lot of bloggers have dreams of earning passive income from blogging.

In theory, it works like this. Set up a blog and income streams from the various ways of generating money. After all the time and hard work put in, the blog now generates money on its own.

Sounds good?

In reality, there is no such thing.

Let me give you an example.

When I search for information on Google, the listings almost always show newer sites. On a few occasions, I would see posts from 2008 at the earliest. Because of that, I have doubts if a site remains relevant after a period of inactivity.

In other words, a site that is earning money today but left alone for years may lose site visitors and income. This means that affiliate marketing is not a sustainable source of income, for example. If so, then that means earning from sponsored contents is not going to give passive income, too.

So, instead of passive blog income, I am more focused on sustainable blog income.

From the word, itself, sustainable means it could sustain, but what? Here, like how people have different definitions of success, sustainability also varies. For instance, what is sustainable for one differs from others because of necessity.

This becomes clearer if a blogger will think of a blog much like a business. That means tracking all expenses and making sure that the blog income is higher.

Can earning from sponsored contents give sustainable blog income?

It depends.

Do enough sponsored contents then the money generated can cover the monthly expenses. Do more and it is possible to cover an entire year and anything in excess becomes the yearly profit.

Getting clients to pay for sponsored contents is not easy. It is possible to get clients one at a time or work with agencies. But there are no guarantees that there will be consistent opportunities available.

In that sense, earning money from sponsored contents may only offer short-term benefits. As for consistency over the long-term, that remains to be seen.

Blog Income January 2017

Last month, I made USD $270 from sponsored contents. There was an increase this month so that is a good thing. Due to the different currencies involved, I can only give you an estimate.

The total amount I earned is around USD $364, so there was an increase of $94 over last month.

But I have doubts of how I can increase this figure next month. One reason is that my source of opportunities dried up, while another came. At any rate, there are no guarantees on continuity. Because of that, I think it is prudent to keep on finding more opportunities instead of relaxing.

After all, one should never settle.

So far, I have disregarded all opportunities for affiliate links and referral links. I do have good reasons for that. But one thing I would be working on moving forward is to open up advertising space. Instead of accepting the first one that comes along, I will be on the lookout for companies more as partners.