Last month, I wrote about how I have doubts if I could sustain or increase this month’s income over the last. Regardless if I did or did not, there is one thing that I would like to share with you. In that way, you are better guided on using blogging as a main income stream.

The Purpose of Blog Income

Last month, I wrote about sustainable sponsored contents. Let me add one more thought on what is sustainable.

The word itself, sustainable, is a broad term and there is a need to be more specific.

When talking about sources of income for a blog, at what point does it become sustainable? Furthermore, this income makes it sustainable for what purpose?

Some bloggers would like to earn a little on the side, which they could use for indulgences. For others, it could be a means to augment the income that their family needs.

It does not matter what your purpose is, so as long as you know your purpose.

So, why is it important to know the purpose of your blog income?


The one thing you do not have the luxury of wasting is time. Unless you know your blog income purpose, it is possible that you are wasting your time on blogging.

The point is that you should focus your time on your main income stream, and less time on earning money on the side.

Even so, you should still make it a point to have written plans and goals of increasing your blog income.

What I Did and Did Not Do

Last December, I was active in pursuing opportunities for sponsored postings. It is something I also did last January. But as I alluded to in the last post, I did not think I could sustain that much longer.

To date, earning from affiliate links and advertising does not appeal to me. In fact, I look at it as more of a negative in the sense that ads are distractions to the content of my posts.

To be honest, I do not consider avoiding using AdSense and others as a loss of income opportunity. The truth is that it could only earn me a dollar or so each month.

So, the only thing I did in February was to accept one local opportunity. I also posted a few random sponsored contents on the blog. Other than that, I used much more time on my main income stream, freelance writing.

Even with less time spent on the blog, I did publish several posts which I think offers great values. Not only are these posts valuable to readers, but they are also valuable to me as a showcase of what I could do.

Blog Income February 2017

Compared to last month, there was a decrease in monthly income. From $364, it was down to $279. The figures I gave are estimates, as there were more than two currencies.

Let me now share one takeaway, in particular, priority.

I have known bloggers who have big dreams, and yet has not done what they need to do. In other words, they live in a fantasy world of success without doing what successful people did.

Also, I know of bloggers who are doing the same thing again and again and complain at the end of the day. These are the same bloggers who complain about the same things. Unfortunately, they still do the same things they complain about.

I suppose it all comes down to the basics.

The Relationship of Blog Income Purpose and Main Income Stream

For most bloggers, blogging is an activity on the side, while their main income stream is their job. There are exemptions such as stay-at-home moms and students.

In my case, I do earn much more in freelance writing than from this blog. So, I should focus more of my time in seeking better opportunities as a professional writer.

The lesser time I have on this blog, I use it to put up contents that are in line with its purpose. In the same manner, I continue to improve my writing skills, which enables me to seek better writing opportunities.

Perhaps it is easy to say that there is a close relation between my main income stream and blogging. The same is not true for most bloggers, who have different situations and circumstances.

Regardless, if there is a slight chance that one could influence the other positively, then it is worth exploring.

How so?

The success of a blog is dependent on its influence, and influence is dependent on authority. In other words, if a blogger could establish one’s self as an authority, then influence increases.

Because the main source of income is the priority, then between a job and blogging, it is blogging that needs to give way. There are a lot of topics to blog about, but it is in the best interest of bloggers to blog about a niche where they could be an authority.

If profession and blog niche are completely different, then both would be competing for your time.

But if both profession and blog niche could complement each other, imagine how far you could go. Imagine how the blog enhances your reputation in your profession, and how your expertise in your niche makes you an authority.