Why on earth do you need blogger accountability partners? Those who want to become superstar bloggers need to be accountable. Here’s something for you to think about and let’s be honest with each other.

Without your parents, you would have spent time more playing rather than studying.

Without your bosses, you would have spent more time on Facebook rather than working.

You get things done if you were accountable. So, if you want to be a superstar blogger, embrace the concept of blogger accountability.

Our culture is that of finding time only when there is time. But that is the same attitude that leads to nothing. If there is something you want to accomplish, do not find time. Instead, you make time so you could get it done.

And so, in blogging, you need to make time for learning, creating content and connecting. But with so many distractions, it’s hard to stay on track blogging. Besides, many of us have the uncanny ability to create the most wonderful excuses.

Notice how I am talking about blogging, but this post is more like a personal development post? The truth is that it is.

For one to be accountable, there must be acceptance and willingness. And that is not a skill but attitude. So, what I want you to understand is that if we have the attitude of being accountable, there is so much we can succeed at. It is the same attitude that commits us to achieving success in a lot of things we do.

Being Accountable to Yourself

The simplest way I can explain this is that you need to be responsible and take ownership of your actions. In blogging, you have your goals and have a vision of where you want to take your blog to.

For that to happen, there are things that you need to do. But are you willing to do these things? I suppose it depends on your desire and needs.

In everything you do, you need to find reasons why you should keep on going. If it is blogging, then you need to be accountable to yourself so that you could complete your tasks and goals.

Blogger Accountability Partner

One thing successful people do is to find people as accountability partners. What they do is to talk about their plans and goals. On their prearranged schedules, they check on each other. Remember how you used to finish your homework because your parents check on you?

As bloggers, it would be great to have other bloggers as accountability partners. For obvious reasons, only bloggers would understand what we are doing.

And so, having a blogger accountability partner means each one check on each other on blog stuff. For example, following up on the schedule of postings, and others.

Sometimes, it is hard to take ownership of yourself. And that is why it is important to find the right people to help you. A blog collaboration is not only about guest posting or exchanging comments. It is not limited to cross promotion with link exchanges or through social networks.

For all others to work better, take blog collaboration to a higher level. Use such collaboration for blogger accountability and be on your way to becoming a superstar blogger.