You never know when you are ‘rediscovering’ treasures if you have the habit of taking notes. So when I came across bits and pieces of Francis Kong, I have to share this with you.

Francis Kong is a legend in the Philippines. He is one of the most popular motivational speakers on business and leadership.

Francis Kong and XTRM 1-11

One of the perks of being a part of XTRM 1-11 is access to training on business and leadership.

Each week, the mentors conduct training seminars for the members of the organization. On some occasions, the team engages the services of renowned speakers and coaches.

Francis Kong is one of the speakers that have trained our members in the past. Furthermore, he is currently a brand ambassador of USANA Health Sciences in the Philippines. But to be clear, Francis Kong is not a part of XTRM 1-11.

About two years ago, I attended a Francis Kong seminar for our team and here are my notes.

Bits and Pieces

Part 1

“Kung galing ka sa paghihirap, for sure you will treasure your money. The background is not the problem. You cannot change your ancestry. But you can change the way for your descendants.”

“Leadership is neither good nor bad. It’s how you abuse it or misuse it, or how you properly use it.”

“You don’t burn bridges. And you have to learn how to express gratitude.”

“You will know the measure of a person’s character by his or her attitude towards money. So money is the acid test for character.”

“Intellectual capital is the name of the game.”

“How many among you in your past employment life, you have been insulted, offended, made to feel insignificant by your former boss of yours who behaved more like a jerk rather than an inspiring leader?”

“How may among you in your past employment life, nag-request ka ng transfer to another department or you resigned because you could not stand your boss?”

“So how many among you could not stand your current leaders now, and don’t do anything?”

“There are two reasons why people leave. 1) They cannot get along with the boss. 2) They have the feeling that they are not appreciated.”

“Why do good people leave? 1) They are the first ones to know the boss is lousy. 2) They are marketable. So they are not afraid of being jobless because they are being hunted.”

“There are a couple of reasons why there are bosses who do not know how to handle people. The higher they go, the higher their ego.” Francis referred to these people who are amazingly good at doing nothing but take up air space. LOL.

Part 2

“Leadership begins with you, but it is not about you.”

“Are leaders born or made? Leaders are made, but they have to be born first.” Did I tell you, he looks serious but he cracks jokes?

“Are you connecting with people because they are important to you as people?”

“Good leaders do not produce good followers. Instead, good leaders produce more good leaders.”

“Just because you are the leaders doesn’t mean you’re smarter than everybody else. But a smart leader surround himself or herself with people smarter than the leader and in the process makes that leader smarter.”

“Success without succession is a failure.”

“Do not get your worth from what you have. The most important things in the world, they are not things. Do not get your worth from what you do. Do not get your worth from how you look. And do not get your worth from what people say. So where do you get your worth? You get your worth from what you are becoming.”

“Your purpose is to understand God’s unique gift for you.”

“Challenges are god given. So skills are what you acquire. But your purpose now in life is to discover your talent and maximize it.”

“God gives challenges to you. Your skill is what you do with your talent. Your purpose will only come when you give your talent away. And then your significance comes.”

“Happiness is in the giving and sharing. There are two kinds of people in the world – the givers and the takers. So the takers sure eat better. But the givers, they sleep better. And the takers have higher cholesterol.”

Do You Want to See Francis Kong Live for Free?

I am a big fan of personal development and for a good reason. So all over this blog, I try to embrace positivity. Even as I tackle issues in communities or industries I am involved with, I try to stay positive.

Passing values, especially life lessons, is a big deal for me and is evident in posts I write.

Friends, let me tell you this. You want to be more successful. I am not imposing my will on you, but rather I am stating a fact of life. Without a doubt, Francis Kong can change your life and in turn, you could change the lives of the people you love.

Francis Kong said, “Happiness is in the giving and sharing.” So I am offering you free tickets to an upcoming event where you can see Francis Kong live in person.

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