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Big Business: How You Can Show Off Your Expertise, Not Your Size

Big Business

In the world of business, not everything is as it seems. You’ll often look at some great, capable, and that you’d assume to be ‘big’ companies and realize that they’re maybe not so big after all. But when you know that they’re doing well, this doesn’t seem to bother you. Because an exciting business is an exciting business, no matter what they look like – right? Almost. Because sometimes, others will judge smaller or newer companies as being incapable. And it’s often hard for them to get past your size. So, when you want to look bigger than you are, you need to show off your expertise, not your size. Here are five different tips on how you can do it.

Build A Professional Website

Your website hold so much power. It can really sell you and your strengths. But it has to look right. If you have an amateur looking site, it will make you look like an amateur business. Even if you’re really skilled and experienced, this is not what you want. But with a really sleek and smart looking website, your business will instantly look more professional. Yes, this is going to take some investment, but if it means that your business is ready to go to the next level, it will always be worth it. Using ‘we’ and not ‘I’ in your copy can also help you here too.

Brand Everything

How is your branding looking? If you don’t really have a well-defined brand, or you’re not consistent with it, then it will impact on your image. This can make you look unprofessional. Big businesses are often branded exceptionally well. So much so that you can tell who they are from a color or a logo. And you’re going to want to be the same. So make sure that you brand all of your documents, work, and physical things like your office, any uniforms, and packaging too. At the same time, you will need to make sure that your domain and email addresses are all branded too.

Get An Office

Next, you’re going to want to think about your office space. Whether you want to find somewhere to rent or get yourself a virtual office to make it look like you have one, you need to go for either option. If you have a professional looking office address, it will often fill your clients and customers with confidence about your credibility.

And A Contact Number

Alongside the address, you should also look to add a contact number – and it needs to be office based too. Again, you can get numbers forwarded to your cell if you don’t have one, but having the contact number listed will make you look more professional.

Use Testimonials

Finally, it may also be useful for you to know that testimonials are powerful. Your customers and clients will want to know that other people have work with you or bought from you and are happy. So putting testimonials up on your site will help you to establish yourself as the professional you are.