Hi, friends. Some of you were curious, so I am posting this to show you a look behind the scene look at a personal blog. By unraveling its mysteries, I hope you see bloggers are ordinary people. Furthermore, it would be great if you could appreciate the ordinary.

A few people have told me how impressed they were after finding out I am a blogger. As much as I’d like to think being one is special, the truth is that there is nothing special at all.

In my view, blogging is an activity that is nothing different from what you do. As a matter of fact, blogging is as simple as talking and the only difference is that it’s posted, or written.

In the Beginning

So, friends, what do you talk about when you are with your family and friends? What fascinates and interests you?

In the beginning, I was thinking of topics I could write about. Among my choices were to create a monetized blog and write about products. But that is not who I am.

So early on, without realizing it, a fundamental core value of my blog was taking shape. And that is to keep things more about value to others, rather than myself.

If I focus on monetizing my blog, then that means most posts I write about is to promote products and services.

The truth is that even during the times I was doing business, I was never a salesman. The fact is that I was never meant to be a great salesman because of one weakness.

I am not pushy when it comes to sales.

But what I am great at is passing values to people. And so, I decided to stick to a personal blog, a venue that allows me to pass values to you.

But the beginning was not what I intended.

Share the Experience

Because I wanted to do a personal blog, I visited others to see how they write and what they write about. In particular, I paid attention to those that resonated with me. I guess that remains true to this day, readers return to blogs that resonate with them.

As I said, my intention was to pass values to other people. But the blogs that resonated with me were those that you might consider as venting.

You see, I was going through a family crisis. The amount of negativity around me was hellish.

So, the first posts I made were of myself venting my frustrations. Those negative posts were never published. I could not pass on the negativity to other people. Even if at that time, I couldn’t care less if there were readers, but publishing makes them available.

And so, I continued reading one personal blog after another and writing. I must tell you that I have come across so many blogs that some seem absurd. For instance, there is this blogger that talks about how his wife was cheating on him. And then there’s this blogger who talks about nothing else but masturbation.

But as absurd as some are, I realized that these bloggers are doing one thing in common.

They were sharing their experience.

Share the Emotion

Looking at the articles I had written, there was a lot of anger, hatred, and frustrations.

So, I began asking myself if the experience I wanted to share were the negative emotions. And if I did, what kind of value am I passing to others? Finally, what does that make me?

Looking at my previous articles, I started to rewrite them. Without realizing it at that time, I was starting to learn one of the greatest lessons of all time.

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I can tell how you why I was angry, and why there was so much hatred. And that would be sharing my raw emotion. But that has no benefit to you. So, I started using my negative experience and shape them into life lessons.

In doing so, I started to put into practice the things I was learning from personal development.

I also have this realization. There is no such thing as negative emotion. In fact, the reason for all the positive emotion is because of the negative emotions we had to go through.

So, I made it a goal that my personal blog will be one that spreads positivity.

The Hindrance

It took a while before I published my first post back in 2009. But I was not writing on a consistent basis. I went through what many bloggers go through. It’s a cycle of writing several posts and not writing at all.

There were other trivial concerns such as proper spellings and grammars.

Just so that I could reduce spelling errors, it became a habit for me to write using Microsoft Word.

Another thing I realized was that it was easier to write at the beginning. As the weeks went by, remaining consistent became an ordeal. There were countless periods of time when I could not think of anything to write about.

In retrospect, I think it is during this time that I began to understand my attitude better.

Am I a person who is good at starting but never finishing?

As mentioned, I was going through a crisis. There were so many reasons why I was inconsistent. But that’s the thing, isn’t it? Reasons become excuses.

I like blogging a lot. If I cannot blog on a consistent basis, then what makes me think I can be consistent in others?

As I continue to grow myself both as a person and a blogger, I took it upon myself to be consistent. Even during the darkest of times, I found reasons to write and maintain my personal blog.

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Can you understand that?

Communicating and Connecting on a Personal Blog

In the last seven years that I had been blogging, I have my share of grateful readers. No matter how grateful some people are, I am more grateful to have the opportunity to be of value.

But the values I wanted to share, it is impossible unless I could communicate. A blog may be personal, but should it be about me, me, and me only?

Over the last years, I continued to evolve as a blogger and in how I write posts.

Where once I started by sharing my experience and tried to show the positive sides, today it has evolved.

On almost every post I write, there is the constant thought of communicating with you. It’s no longer about wanting you to understand me. Today, it’s more about me knowing who you are, how you feel, and where you are coming from.

And then there is the desire to connect with you on a more personal level.

Blogging is not about me, but more about you and me.

In my mind, a personal blog is a shared journey between the readers and the blogger. Click To Tweet

Behind the Scene

On every post that you read, there is a blogger behind. But more than the blogger, there is a person within the blogger.

Who is this person?

What a blogger does to publish a post is trivial. It is the story behind a post that is fascinating.

The only blogging mystery is the person inside the blogger and it is up to you to unravel.