Do you look around your bathroom and feel a lack of contentment? Did you always picture yourself having the more amazingly luxurious bathroom space to unwind in at the end of a long and hectic day? However, the reality is that your bathroom is nothing like you pictured it would be – it’s simply a messy space that you don’t look forward to spending time in.

The good news is that regardless of the state that your bathroom has got into, there is plenty of potential to change that. Believe it or not, bathrooms are actually fairly easy spaces to update; it’s just a case of getting a little inspiration, that’s all. With inspiration in mind, below are some ideas and pieces of inspiration that should help you to transform your bathroom into a more tranquil and relaxing space.

Keep it neutral

You know how relaxing, and tranquil hotel bathrooms always look and feel? Well, this is because these are always decorated in neutral tones, which help to make these spaces more calming and relaxing. So if your bathroom is not already a neutral space, now is the time to change that. Whether that means repainting the walls or re-tiling, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you create a space that is decorated in a neutral way.

Add a splash of colour

Of course, while neutral tones can look amazing, if you are someone who likes a little bit of colour to their bathroom space, then adding a splash of colour could be the answer. Perhaps adding an accent wall in a pastel tone, such as seafoam blue or mint green, could add a little colour to the space without impacting on how calming and tranquil it is? Or, if you prefer brighter colours, a bright accent wall can work just as well. It’s just a case of choosing a colour that works well in the space and does not make it look or feel too dark.

Be original with your ideas

The key to a beautiful bathroom that you can be proud of is using unique ideas for its design. This means thinking about what is important to you, and incorporating those things into the space. Abstract design always tends to work well, so don’t be afraid to be unique. Say, for instance, you have seen some windows that incorporate woven mesh, you can learn more details about woven mesh and how to incorporate it by going online and having a browse. Or, say, for example, you are horse mad, your whole family is, perhaps you could invest in a driftwood horse head to have as a feature in your bathroom? The more unique you can be with your design ideas, the nicer your bathroom will be.

Invest in luxury features

What’s a bathroom without luxury features? The fact is that if you want to ensure that your bathroom is a relaxing and tranquil space, it needs to be designed in a way that incorporates luxury features, such as a raindrop shower head and a large, oversized bathtub. It’s not just the design of the space that makes an impact; it is the features incorporated into it as well.

For a more beautiful and more tranquil and relaxing space, take note of the ideas and inspiration above and incorporate them into your bathroom.