All it takes is a few clicks here and there to post a critical message. I would go as far as saying that the same critics are those who have never stood in front of thousands of people. One does not have to have a degree in sociology and psychology to know that there will always be bashers. Unfortunately for Maxine Medina, she will have to go through a purgatory in the aftermath of Miss Universe 2017 as critics begin bashing Miss Philippines.

Each individual has the right to choose what they want to do. Whatever it is, the more one wants it, the more meaningful it is. For some people, the Miss Universe pageant is important and it means everything to them. But for others, including me, I think there are other things that are far more important.

Earlier today, while on a break, I saw a part of the pageant where Miss Philippines made it to the top 6. Before that, I was not following the pageant, hence I didn’t even know the name of our candidate. Curious, I continued to watch and listened to her reply, which is now the reason for the bashing. In other words, she came up short, nothing more, nothing less.

Bashing Miss Philippines Maxine Medina

On my Facebook timeline, I cannot count the number of people posting about her reply. It is not as bad as it seems, though, because I do filter the kind of people I maintain as Facebook friends.

It warms my heart to see friends posting about their gratitude for making it to the top 6. Some wrote positive encouragements, but there were posts that I find too negative.

I understand that people are free to express themselves, which is what I am doing too by writing this post.

Whatever the outcome of the Miss Universe 2017 pageant, it does not change our lives, does it?

What good is there in bashing Miss Philippines Maxine Medina?

Tasteless Humor

If there is one trait I love about this country, it is that this is a nation of fun loving people. In fact, foreigners are often awed by the ability of Filipinos to crack jokes in times of calamity.

Humor is good, but never at the expense of any person. Imagine what it feels like to be Maxine Medina after falling short of her dreams. Even if there was no malicious intent, making jokes now on the failure of another person is tasteless.


I believe the worst critics and bashers are also the same people who have never spoken in front of a crowd. Not everyone, but most, and these are the same people with a fear of public speaking.

For most people, the pageant will never be as important as it is to the candidates. Because of that and with so much more at stake, the pressure has to be tremendous.

Imagine putting yourself in the shoes of the candidates. The Miss Universe pageant is, at that moment, the most important thing in the world. I have never seen our candidate before nor listened to her speak until that moment under the spotlight. There, on the stage where the lights shine the brightest, the pressure was too much.

I will not dishonor our candidate and say this was what she could have or should have replied. Maxine Medina represented the Philippines. She may not have been at her best under pressure, but she still carried the flag of the Philippines.

Miss Philippines does not deserve pity, but she deserves respect from her fellow Filipinos. Furthermore, there is no reason for bashing Maxine Madina. In my view, positive criticism is good, but bashing is senseless and could harm people.

In more ways than one, and with all the bashing and unreasonable criticism, Maxine Medina is fortunate. All she needs to do is one thing moving forward. Bounce back and when she does, she is sure to be stronger and better. Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach also had her share of bashers before she went on to win.

Instead of finding creative ways to come up with tasteless humor and waste time bashing Miss Philippines, the best thing to do is to find inspiration.