For any blogger, whether as a hobby, as your business, or as part of your business, you need to know how to keep readers engaged. When you can demonstrate that you have regular readers and that your stats keeping going up and up, it is going to help you to get more work, as well as help you to promote your business and the related content. But how can you keep your readers hooked to your content that they want to keep coming back? Here are some tips to help.

Loading Time

If your site is weighed down by ads and pop-ups that slow the loading time of your site, then this can be a pretty big deal. In the modern day and age that we live in, people lack patience. They want information quickly and at their fingertips. If your site is slow to load, then they won’t come back. So that needs to be looked at first of all. Check plugins, pop-ups, images, and video size; it can all make a difference.


Chances are that you will have comments enabled on your blog, as well as on any social channels. You need to keep engaged to the people that respond to you. If they ask you a question, get back to them. When they know they can get your opinion on something or ask what worked for you in a similar situation, it will keep them coming back. It will also help them to get to know you. If you’re considered a friend or resource, then they will naturally keep coming back. Be warm and friendly and it will pay.

Share Content Regularly

Some blogs will only be sharing content from time to time. But you are likely to get the better stats and better readers when you share regularly. You may have seasonal content, such as Christmas recipes or ways to celebrate certain holidays. But you want to keep them coming at other times of the year too. So think about how you can maintain those readers and potential customers. You could read this advice from Red Stag Fulfillment about how to keep seasonal buyers as regular customers. It can be applied to your blog and your business’s blog too.

Give Readers Something

Giving something back to your readers doesn’t have to be a spammy loop giveaway on your social media. But you could think about what you can offer them to keep coming back for more. Is it exclusive discounts on your products or with a partner or sponsor? Can you run giveaways or competitions? Can you offer them exclusive access to fresh content when they subscribe, for example? Think what might work best for your readership and then you can go from there.

We all have the thing that makes us and our blog unique. So keep doing what you are doing and show your personality, as well as that of your business. Be social, interact, and share quality content. At the end of the day, that is what they will keep coming back for.