I had a strange thought yesterday after watching the trailer of popular TV series ARROW. Oliver Queen lives a double life — billionaire and vigilante. Does he remind you of Bruce Wayne?

You Have Failed the City

Set in the fictional Starling City, the ARROW hunts criminals who had corrupted the system.

It was late and I was tired. Before sleeping, I decided to check the stats of this blog. As soon as I saw the figures, I smiled and felt the rush of adrenaline. From 140+ unique visitors daily last month, it is now 240+ daily this month.

Energized by the small victory for a blog that started less than three months ago, I went on to check a blogger group I run on Facebook.

It was then that it hit me. I had been fortunate to have communication with great bloggers and had known quite a few who were sick or had been sick in the last two months. Some have people they love who are currently undergoing treatments.

DC Comics’ popular character ARROW yells, “YOU HAVE FAILED THE CITY,” when he confronts a criminal.

In a sense, the system we have today has failed our bodies and those of the people we care for.

You Have Failed the Body

Virtually everything manmade you see, touch, use or consume, were made with consequences to nature and health.

You may be young today or feel healthy, but the day of reckoning is coming. When it does, it could be painful and expensive.

The air we breathe contains pollutants. The filtered water we drink are void of nutrients cells desperately needs. Even the food we eat contains preservatives, artificial flavors, hormones and other chemicals used to grow, process, or cooking.

Did you know that people today live longer lives? Instead of dying before retirement age centuries ago, people today have an average lifespan of 20 years after retirement age?

The world is a big place. There is more than enough space for people. Put all 7 billion people together standing side-by-side and the space occupied is the size of the city of Los Angeles, USA.

Geo-politics, religious and cultural beliefs, and control of resources has limited access to clean food.

In a system dominated by commercialism and personal gains, we live in a world that does not give us much of a choice in having a healthier lifestyle.

I live in the city and every morning, I see smog covering the horizon from the balcony. You may not see it, but it is there — air pollution.

Food is a problem. Eating healthy balanced meals is almost impossible. Even if we could, food today either lacks the nutrients or contain potentially harmful chemicals.

The Consequence of Failing the Body

What you do not know could be killing you and the people you love slowly. Have you noticed that diseases associated with older people are now becoming normal for younger people?

Progress in the field of medicine has made lifespan longer. The system and the way people think has also led to the rise of degenerative diseases.

For example, it was estimated that 3.6% of the population had diabetes two decades ago. Today, over 7% of the population have diabetes.

Last year alone, I know three people who had strokes and were between the ages of 21 to 31.

It is human nature to tilt to what is comfortable and good, paying attention to health often when there is already a health concern.

When I was young, I eat whatever I liked and at times, in quantities that are excessive. I am paying that price today.

ARROW the Vigilante

I could have taken measures to take care of my body, but I neglected to learn and lacked the discipline to act on the right thing to do.

As important as health is, a lot of people fail to take steps in educating themselves.

Even with a rudimentary knowledge of the dangers of the food we eat and things we put on our body, a lot of people lack the discipline to live a healthier lifestyle.

Are you failing your body?

How does it feel when someone you love is sick and seriously ill?

Even if you decide to live the same lifestyle that led to the rise of chronic degenerative diseases, how about the people you care for?

Are you failing the bodies of the people you love?

The system is already here. This is the world we, and our loved ones, live today. In a world dominated by commercialism and personal gains, I now wage war with the destroyer of life. I have my own ARROW to help neutralize the chemicals and toxins in my body.

Once optional or used to treat vitamin deficiencies, food supplements has become a necessity today.

But not all supplements are made the same. Much like everything manmade, supplements are part of the system.

The trick is to find the vigilante within the system.

I have mine.

What about you? Are you willing to pay more attention to health and learn? What steps could you think of to ensure a healthier lifestyle? Where is your weapon of war to combat the root causes of degenerative diseases? How are you arming the people you love to defend against the intruders? Who and where is your ARROW? Do you know why we need food supplements?