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In every situation, there are amazing life lessons hidden. We can learn from unpleasant situations, just like the good, and from experiences where we test our boundaries. The best way to explore ourselves, however, is while we explore this gorgeous world.

I had never before hiked more than 15 km. Perhaps in ignorance, I committed myself to a challenge of walking 280 km in 13 days. Although I anticipated walking Portugal’s Atlantic Coast to be uncomfortable; what I was not prepared for was not only the pain but also how rewarding such a challenge could be.

Besides the physical challenge of achieving such distances, there’s also an emotional element as well. In my journey, I faced myself with absolute entirety. I observed my strengths and was also confronted with my weaknesses. As a result, I have walked away stronger.

This what I learned from walking Portugal’s Atlantic Coast.

7 Amazing Life Lessons in Travel

1. Strength

Amazing Life Lessons in Travel | Atlantic Coast | Portugal

Strength is not when you are running up a mountain with stamina. STRENGTH is when you are broken on the ground and you make the choice to get back up.

On our 10th day of walking 210 km without rest, I collapsed in exhaustion and considered quitting. My body had never before experienced such fatigue. I was limping and my body hurt more than I was ever prepared for.

At some point during our lives, we will face moments of weakness when it is difficult and we want to quit.

Strength is not during our success, strength is in our weakness and how we choose to overcome it.

2. Respect

Amazing Life Lessons in Travel | Atlantic Coast | Portugal

You may not like everybody you meet on the trail but that’s okay; the one thing that should remain is RESPECT.

During my adventure, I met a great number of people. Some I connected with immediately, while others I did not. Although we share differences in views and opinions, we are all united by the same journey, life.

Our paths may be different. But we all go through this challenging adventure together with mutual respect and integrity.

3. Judge

Amazing Life Lessons in Travel | Atlantic Coast | Portugal

JUDGE yourself by your own journey and not through others; comparison is the death of joy.

It is easy to compare our performance with those completing a similar task. After walking 180 km, I was struggling and felt disheartened when I was overtaken by a lady in her 70s.

I reminded myself that this comparison is unfair. It was foolish for me to make an assumption of my performance without knowing the lady’s circumstances. For all I know, she could have been a professional athlete. Most of all, I failed to celebrate my own accomplishment of hiking such distances for the first time.

Rather than comparing ourselves with others, it’s important to focus on our own journey and success.

4. Kind

Amazing Life Lessons in Travel | Atlantic Coast | Portugal

Be KIND to yourself.

It’s important to push ourselves to achieve our goals. And it’s also important to give permission to ground ourselves through self-care and kindness.

During this journey, I discovered how powerful self-talk and its influence is.

Our body can go further than we could ever imagine. But it only becomes difficult if we trap ourselves in a loop of negative talk. So it’s important to practice positive affirmations. We forgive and massage our aching feet, dip our toes into the cool water and dance amongst the waves.

Be kind to others, but also to ourselves.

5. Goals

Amazing Life Lessons in Travel | Atlantic Coast | Portugal

Achieving your GOALS begins with a single step.

I was never going to walk 280 km with one giant leap. It took a lot of steps, 490,000 to be precise. There were days when walking was effortless. On other days, it was difficult. But it just took one small step after the other for me to achieve my goal.

It’s just like any goal in life.

6. Journey

Amazing Life Lessons in Travel | Atlantic Coast | Portugal

The JOURNEY is just as important as the destination.

When you’re walking every day for 13 days straight, it is so easy to focus only on the final destination. What made this experience absolutely incredible, however, was not arriving at the final destination. It was the journey as a whole.

Life is to be enjoying and cherishing every step of the way. Each moment has its own unique beauty and it’s so precious.

7. Capable

Amazing Life Lessons in Travel | Atlantic Coast | Portugal

You are CAPABLE of so much more than you realize.

I was a packet-a-day smoker for almost 10 years. As a result, I was incapable of walking up a flight of stairs without struggling to catch my breath. So if you told me that I was going to not only embark on this journey but also succeed; I would never have believed you.

If there is something that this adventure has taught me, it is that we are capable of achieving anything we set our mind to.

I would love to hear about one of your greatest achievements and what you learned from your experience 🙂 – Kylie Zimanyi

7 Amazing Life Lessons in Travel Afterthought


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So I, and on behalf of the readers, are grateful for your graciousness.

Thank you.

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