When you look at the computer you use and the software it has on it, it’s unlikely that you will deviate from one or two major companies who make the tools you use. From simple jobs, like writing an email, to bigger ones, like creating a 3D model, there are loads of ways to get your work done when you’re using a computer. Even when it comes to the biggest software options, there are usually better alternatives which get completely overlooked.


Word Processing: This is one of the greatest examples of an area like this. Millions of people pay for Office to get their hands on the fabled Word software, even though it costs a small fortune for the privilege. To avoid this system entirely, companies like Google have started to create in-browser options which can handle exactly the same jobs as their fully-fledged cousins. As long as you can get along with using Google Drive, this sort of option will often be much cheaper than buying a subscription.

VoIP: Being able to communicate with ease is one of the key benefits the internet can provide to humans. Of course, though, when you’re stuck with software like Skype, it can often feel like VoIP doesn’t work well at all. In reality, though, companies like Telcom Savvy have shown how effective these tools can be. Using their software, you could have a much better experience than you would with Skype, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune in the process.

Mail: Along with communicating with voice, a lot of people like to talk via email in the modern world, and this is another service which can be greatly enhanced with the right software. With options like Outlook being so expensive, and Mail being a pain to use, a lot of people are starting to move onto third-party systems. Inky, for example, is a great email client, and it can often save loads of time in a buisness setting.

Photo Work: Not all of the jobs done on a modern computer involve communication, though, with a lot of people using their machines for creative pursuits. Image editing, for example, is one of the most expensive software types out there, and a lot of people can’t afford the options they have. Options like GIMP make this much easier, providing users with a free tool which can be used to edit images in a way akin to Photoshop. Avoiding Adobe’s monthly fees is a great way to keep your software prices down.

Hopefully, with all of this in mind, it should be a lot easier for you to start saving time and money on the software and apps you use. Over the years, this sort of areas has become more and more diverse, and there are loads of options out there which didn’t exist even five years ago. This sort of change is heralding a good future for this field, with premium software companies being forced to lower their fees because other businesses are selling much cheaper.