Unlike many people, I actually love walking under the sun. So, a mid-afternoon walk has always been a part of my routine when fetching my kids from Xavier School. One of the things I noticed was the proliferation of tutorial centers in the vicinity. After months of observation, I thought an online tutoring service may be better for some of the kids.

For as long as I could remember, where there is a school, there are tutors. Some are home-based, while others are legitimate business entities with a facility. The one thing that has changed was how people perceive tutorials.

A little over three decades ago, it was shameful for kids to have a tutor. In our view, only those who failed needed tutors. In some instances, some kids had to endure some form of ridicule, at times. As a matter of fact, I had a tutor too.

For the new generation, that negative perception has changed. One reason is that the system of education has evolved. The importance of education remains the same, but the psychology of learning has improved.

Today, we use a wide array of methods in educating children. The innovation continues with new teaching philosophies, techniques, and tools. Tutorial centers have their purposes, and the good ones have adapted the new innovations.

Why do Children Need Tutors?

As I observed the tutorial centers, one thing dawned on me. Some of the kids were there not because they needed the help.

In one tutorial center, I observed how a tutor passed around test papers for the kids to answer. After that, she gathers those who made mistakes and reviews the correct answers. As for the other kids who did not make mistakes, they were playing.

It dawned on me that some parents use tutorial centers as daycare centers. In fact, some tutorial centers offer to fetch their kids from the school.

Let us take a look at the reasons why parents want their child to have a tutor.

1. Substitute Parental Guidance

For many families, both parents work to have enough income to sustain their family. Unfortunately, this also results in some parents not being able to fetch their kids on time. For this reason, some nearby tutorial centers offer to fetch their kids for them. Not only do they supervise the kids with homework, they also help review their lessons.

2. Failing or Slipping Grades

A child with consistent good grades may have a sudden slip or even fail. A drop in academic performance may have other reasons other than difficulty in understanding. Nevertheless, the child needs help with the lessons, and that is what tutors are for.

3. Optimizing Time and Learning in Advance

Back when I was hanging out a little with some co-parents, one of the complaints I hear is time management. It seems that at the start of every quarter, the workload is low and then it builds up towards the end. In other words, before the quarter is over, kids have more workload.

A solution to that is to learn in advance, which is not a bad thing especially at the start of the quarter. So, parents who could not teach children at home could use the professional services of tutors.

If you are taking this approach, remember to consult your child’s teacher first. Some schools discourage kids from learning in advance. It seems trivial but the idea is that kids who already know the lesson gets bored in class. When that happens, some are bound to be restless and may have disruptive behavior.

4. Difficulty in Understanding Lessons

Not every child learns at the same pace. Education is a combination of comprehension, analytics, memorization, and many others. Some are good at some aspects, while others may take more time. In other words, there are children who are slower to learn and understand their lessons. Having a tutor helps these children catch up with the rest of the class.

5. Self-Esteem and Confidence

One of the considerations in the advancement of a child is their class participation. In fact, class participation is a step in developing leadership and social skills. But kids who are not familiar with their lessons will hesitate to participate. Tutorial centers help these kids by boosting their confidence as they become more familiar with the lessons.

6. Learning Disability

Some children may have disabilities that make it more difficult to learn. For example, children with dyslexia or ADHD have a tougher time processing information. Specialized tutors could present the lessons in a way they could understand. This, in turn, allows the children to remain in school and go through the process of being normal kids.

Tutoring Options for Your Child

There are a few different ways for your child receive tutorials. As I had described in the early part of this post, there are tutorial centers.

Let us take a look at some of the options you have:

Private Tutoring. This is usually having a teacher come over to the house to supervise the child’s education. This is a common practice for affluent families. One advantage is that the child receives full attention. It could be an expensive option depending on the qualification and skill of the tutor.

Tutorial Centers. This is the most common option. A good tutorial center can provide several packages from remedial to enhancement programs. Besides the benefits of the reason for having tutorial services, some children like it because of new friends. The cost of tutorial centers varies from cheap to expensive, depending on the quality of their facility and services.

Educational Therapy. As mentioned earlier, there are children with learning disabilities. A typical teacher or tutor is not equipped to handle the learning difficulties, hence the need for specialized tutors.

For most students of all ages, the best option for tutoring is a tutorial center and there is one good reason. A good tutorial center will not only have remedial programs, but also enhancement programs.

In as much as a school is an extension of parenting, so too, is a tutorial center to a school teacher.

In most cases, private tutors supervise homework and review a student for tests. A good tutorial center is different in that it has far more offerings and benefits.

Aside from remedial programs, top tutorial centers have their own system of enhancement programs. These are subjects and skills that further enhances a child’s education.

Tutorial Centers with Online Tutoring Services

AHEAD Enrichment Programs

  1. Math
  2. Practical math
  3. Singapore math
  4. Science
  5. Reading comprehension
  6. English grammar
  7. Assistance in essay and paper writing
  8. Conversational skill
  9. Smart reading
  10. Mind mapping

Contact Information:

Head Office:

(2) 426-0034/36

Click here to visit the homepage of AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center.

For a tutorial center to flourish, there is a need to innovate and using new technologies. At its core, a tutorial center is still a business entity, hence it has to be profitable.

A good example is AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center. At first glance, it is easy to classify it as one of the top tutorial centers in the Philippines. But there must be a reason for that. And those reasons have to be in the best interest of the children for them to be among the most recommended.

Like many tutorial centers, the packages offered include remedial, reinforcement and maintenance programs. For honor students, there is the achiever program.

The question is, which tutorial center does it better than the others?

Furthermore, which tutorial center incorporates the use of technology in its services?

One of the trends today is the convenience of technology. In fact, the availability of broadband services is the reason why the Philippines is on top of the BPO industry. Another growing industry is online freelancing.

By using technology, getting ahead of the competition becomes possible for tutorial centers. A hybrid mix of an on-site and online tutoring provides the most convenience for children.

Pros and Cons of Online Tutoring

In the Philippines, online tutorial for children is not common, but that will change. Although it has its disadvantages, it also has its benefits.

For obvious reasons, students need access to a computer and fast Internet connection.

In the Philippines, the issue today is not how slow the connection is, but rather, how expensive the faster bandwidths are. Unless these prerequisites are available, then online tutoring is not possible.

In tutorial centers, a tutor could see the child and have a better understanding. But then again, the child will have to share the tutor’s attention with other kids.

Online tutoring, on the other hand, is a one-on-one interaction between the tutor and the child. Not only is it convenient to be at home, but because of the 100% attention, lessons can be finished quickly.

One disadvantage of online tutoring is that there are lessons that are harder to teach online. Here, being in the presence of a tutor physically is preferable such as in tutorial centers.

Finally, children may not feel well all the time. For instance, a child with a cold may be better off staying at home rather than spreading the virus in a tutorial center. But having online tutorial services means the child could still review lessons.

Combining the Best of Tutorial Centers and Online Tutoring

I had the chance to talk to Rossana Llenado, CEO of Ahead Tutorial and Review Center. She told me they started offering online tutorial and review to students overseas. But now they have started offering the same online tutorial to students in the Philippines.

Instead of parents choosing to avail of the online option or bringing to their facility, they give the parents the option to customize their schedule. In other words, they can do it either way or mix both. Even better is that schedules for online tutoring could be arranged for day or night time.

Looking at the pros and cons of online tutoring, I can now see how the cons could be further minimized. For instance, lessons that are better taught in person could be done at Ahead tutorial facility, while others could be taught online.

Final Thoughts

There are only two reasons for having tutors, remedial or enhancements. If parents cannot do it themselves, then let the professionals do it. But tutorial centers are businesses hence some may be in it for the money only.

So, it is best for parents to check out the top tutorial centers and observe how they conduct tutorials. Talking to them alone is not good enough. Of course, they will all say the right things.

The most important thing to consider in as far as helping your child is this. Is the tutorial center helping the child by passing tests or improving understanding?

Chances are also high that you have access to a computer and broadband Internet connection. Having a tutorial service that allows the flexibility of doing lessons online gives you and your child maximum comfort and convenience.