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6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Active

Kids Active

With the advent of smart technology, it has become harder for us parents to get our children moving. While some kids find their interest in sports, most tend to resort to smartphones and that’s how inactivity gets a strong grip on them, followed by the much dreaded unfit health. There exists no doubt in how physical activity positively impacts a child’s overall health and mental well-being, but exactly how can us parents get them to leave their smart phones and be more active? The answer to this lays in one thing- excitement. Here are some ways that can get your kids up and running in no time:

1. Encouraging them to walk to school

Change is never comfortable, therefore if you are looking to introduce some more activity in your child’s life, then you have to change a few things. One of the quickest ways to add in some extra mobility is to encourage your children to walk or cycle to school. While adolescents would enjoy the independence that comes with it, you can always walk the younger ones to school yourself.

2. Arranging Outdoor Group Activities for Children

The quickest way to get any child on their toes is to bring in another child. Calling over friends and families with children is a good way to get your own kids to play rather than just sit and stare. Though backyard parties are a good way of calling people over, but in case of kids, you don’t have to make it a grand affair. Group activities like scavenger hunt and traditional games are enough to get them running everywhere.

3. Fitness Trackers

In case you have a rather shy child that doesn’t enjoy huge participation, then fitness trackers like Fitbit can help them stay moving and motivated. Little ones love to achieve something and these trackers reciprocate that same sense of achievement. Every time your child fulfills a specific target or goal, you can motivate them further by rewarding them and showing them their own progress.

If you don’t have an idea on what Fitbit to buy for your kid, this comparison guide will help you out.

4. Doing Activity Challenges Together

If you want your kids to adopt the active and healthier lifestyle, then you must be active yourself. Kids mimic everything that parents do, therefore doing activities together will help you both. Going camping together, trekking, swimming or even just racing together is a good way to not only be physically active but to bond with one another. Plus, the more your kids see you moving, the more likely they are to follow up.

5. Identifying the Right Reasons for Inactivity

In order to solve a problem, one has to address the cause. Similarly, identifying the cause of your child’s inactivity is a crucial step, as it will determine the course of action you need to take. If its the smart phones and xbox’s that are turning your children lazy and inactive, then you need to put a time limit on them. If your kid appears to be lazy yet doesn’t take any interest in these activities, then chances are that the problem is skin deep and call in for expert help.

6. Acknowledge their Efforts

The one thing that children live on is acknowledgement. It doesn’t take much to get little ones moving like a tiger, therefore a little pat on the back can spark up any dull child. Also those kids that are working out for their health deserve more encouragement and support from parents. This is why don’t be shy when it comes to hooting for them.

Technology and inactivity go hand in hand, and while you can’t control technology, you can control inactivity. In children, it’s important that you instill the best behaviors from the start, after all, good habits begin early.