Has your company’s methods become too complicated? Streamlining is a means of simplifying things so that everyone works more productively. It’s all about the philosophy that less is more – why have fifty ways of doing something if one way is enough? Here are just five ways to streamline your business.

Organise payments to all go out on the same date

Having bills coming out all over the place can become difficult to keep track of. Try to organise as many payments as possible to come out on the same day. This could include everything from energy bills to supplier payments to employee wages.

Get rid of unnecessary software

Many modern company computers are cluttered with software. You may even be paying subscriptions to software you barely ever use without knowing it. Try to get rid of software that’s not regularly used. You may even be able to find software that has multiple purposes, rather than having three individual programmes to complete these tasks. Other software such as Office 360 may simply be able to organise everything in one accessible place. At the very least, you should get on the cloud if you’re not already on it – by storing everything remotely on the cloud, you won’t have different bits of information on different computers.

Outsource time-consuming tasks

If you’re juggling too many admin tasks, you may find it simpler to outsource some of these. Chartered accounting companies as listed at ICAEW can take care of your book-keeping. Other companies may be able to handle tasks such as handling HR queries from staff and even taking and filtering phonecalls. Of course, be careful of how many companies you outsource as this could add to the complexity.

Consolidate your suppliers

Having too many suppliers can also add to the confusion. Whilst you may be cutting costs by using individual suppliers, it may not be worth the added stress. Consider consolidating your suppliers so that you don’t have so many people to keep track of. For example, rather than taking out separate schemes from different insurers such as employer’s liability insurance, public liability insurance and business vehicle insurance, why not find a business insurance package that covers them all? Rather than hiring an SEO company, a social media management company and a PR company to handle your marketing, why not find a general marketing company that can offer all these services?

Offer less services

In certain situations, you may also be offering your clients too much. There may be services you offer that rarely ever get used – this could be anything from a dish in a restaurant that few people choose to a business service that few clients opt for. By offering less, you may not have to train staff as extensively nor have to pay for as many resources. You still want some range of choice to attract a range of clients with, but you don’t want the stress of trying to be a jack of all trades.