When we are talking about your customer’s online experience, we are of course talking about your website. Whether your business is operated entirely online or not, you still need to focus on this one important aspect of your business. If your website is not up to scratch, you will turn away rather than attract potential customers, and your business will lose money as a result.

The following are some of the reasons why your website may be responsible for ruining your customer’s online experience.

1. Your site takes forever to load

As you can probably testify from your own internet experience, there is nothing worse than a slow loading website. This can sometimes be attributed to the internet provider (their promises of fast speeds are sometimes misleading), but there may be issues with the website itself. Bitcatcha.com have some good advice about slow loading websites, so read the article, and ensure you take the relevant steps to avoid any potential problems with your website – your customers will take the opposite approach and will quickly abandon your site if you don’t.

2. Your site is unattractive

Content may be king, but your customers won’t bother studying your website if it’s aesthetically displeasing. From an overload of adverts to hard-to-read font against your background colours, your customers will be repelled by the bad design on the page. If web design isn’t your forte, consider outsourcing to the professionals. Then read the tips we gave you on Amazinglifedaily – web design matters, and you neglect your website at your peril.

3. The web pages are poorly optimised

Your customers aren’t only using their computers to look at your website. With the rise of smart devices, there are a multitude of screens, both large and small, that are now in the hands of your customers. If your web page doesn’t display correctly on their tablets or smartphones, you are going to lose their custom. Our advice is this: if you aren’t sure how to optimise your web page, look online for web optimisation tools, or outsource Pixel Productions Inc. who will do the job for you.

4. There is an abundance of pop-ups

As soon as your customer logs onto your website, they want to read your amazing content, and not spend time closing down the abundance of pop-ups that might litter your web page. From adverts to call-to-action prompts, you are going to drive your customer crazy, especially if you load on the guilt trip – ever seen a pop-up ad with the words ‘No I don’t care about improving (insert words here)’ when you refuse to take up the offer of a subscription? It’s both annoying and patronising. So, cut down the number of pop-ups on your site, or follow Hubspot.Coms approach for smarter call-to-action techniques.

5. Your website is boring

The last thing anybody wants to be accused of is ‘being boring.’ And that also applies to the online experience. If your customers are bored of your website – generic photos, outdated content, dull colours, etc. etc. – they are going to move on to your nearest competitors, with their updated and interesting blog articles, fun colours, interactive content, and so on. Find ways to capture your customer’s attention, causing them to squeal with delight, rather than stifle a yawn at the prospect of visiting your site again!

Final word

You want customers? Then you need to focus on their online experience. Heed our tips, and you should see an upsurge in sales… as well as a few happier customers!