I have over 300 posts in nine months of blogging. At first, I thought those were a lot of posts. But then I soon realized that there are others with thousands within the same time frame. Anyway, I was looking at previous posts and realized I need to edit old blog posts.

Why You Should Edit Old Blog Posts

1. Check Spelling and Grammar

“Robert, be more careful with spellings when you publish posts,” a friend told me. “I see one or two mistakes when I read.”

In response, I started writing using Microsoft Word as opposed to writing online. While Word’s Spelling and Grammar checker is good enough, it doesn’t help me write better. As a result, my readability scores are not always high.

Also, in the last couple of weeks, I have been testing an online service called Grammarly. So far, I like what I am seeing. Although I am using the free service, checking the spellings and punctuation marks help.

It looks to me that Grammarly is becoming a part of my blog workflow.

One reason why you should edit old blog posts is to correct mistakes. Blog posts remain online for as long as you maintain your blog. So, it makes good sense to give future visitors a good impression when they stumble upon old posts.

2. Apply New Writing and SEO Techniques

Some of my thoughts after revisiting old posts include:

“I am repeating myself.”

“It’s too dragging.”

“There are too many unnecessary details.”

“I could have written it better.”

Friends, try revisiting your earliest posts. I promise you, it’s fun being a critic of your own work.

Here’s the best part, are you ready?

You will see how much you have grown as a blogger. Also, it’s fulfilling to see how much you improved your writing techniques.

I cannot edit old blog posts within a short period of time, so I planned to do it one post at a time. By that, I mean I will edit a few posts a week.

While doing so, I do not only correct mistakes, but also improve the SEO and readability. It’s too early to tell how the changes I made affects traffic to the site, but there is one thing I am sure of.

The edited posts are easier and more fun to read.

3. Update Information

On high authority blogs, I noticed some of their posts have a sentence (or words) crossed out. So that’s how I realized that on some of my old posts, the information I provided was no longer valid.

Letting readers see obsolete information makes a bad impression. Update old information is another thing you can do when you edit old blog posts.

Readers appreciate this because they see how committed you are to providing updated information. And I think it’s fair to say that the credibility of your blog increases.

4. Add or Change Inbound and Outbound Links

Good SEO practices include adding outbound links and internal links.

Looking at the statistics of my old posts, the number of readers keep increasing. That tells me there are new people reading.

To take advantage of the new visitors, I edit old blog posts to include links to newer posts that are relevant.

At the same time, it’s possible that some outbound links may no longer be valid. If that’s the case, then I can remove the bad links.

It’s my understanding, too, that Google considers outbound links in SEO. So, it’s in our best interest to add outbound links to relevant sites as well.

Growing as a Blogger

The task may be daunting especially when you have hundreds or thousands of posts. But that’s only in the mind. Start with one at a time, and pretty soon, it gets done.

I guess it depends on how much you value excellence. I think when you edit old blog posts, that shows your commitment to improving your blog.

A better blog should be able to entice more people to return at future dates.

There was never a debate on the choice between quality or quantity when it comes to blog posts. We all side with quality. If so, then a part of what we do is not to maintain, but rather to elevate quality level.

Today, we may think that we are writing great blog posts, but tomorrow, what was great may not be so great. But that is okay. It means we are growing and becoming better.

Blogger friends, what you are you waiting for?

Go edit your old blog posts today.