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4 Best Workouts to Improve Your Golf Game

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As a golfer, there are certain things that you need to do to improve your game. First, you need to invest in a good set of clubs and also practice a lot both on and off the course. While getting a good set of irons is always easy with the recommendations of your coach or by doing enough research, exercises and workouts are all up to you.

Most golfers understand the need to work out and the value that it adds to their game, but what is not very clear is the kind of exercises to do. It is true there are almost countless exercises that can help improve your golf game, but the following four are some of the most useful ones.

#1 Standing Ys

Standing Ys is a great exercise for golfers that helps to improve the mobility of the shoulders while also countering the negative effects that may result from sitting for long. For this workout, you should stand like you are about to do a deadlift. And this means that you should be bend over at the wait and with the chest up and back flat. Next, hold a couple of your golf clubs with the palms facing up and pull the shoulder blades up and down while raising your hands to form a ‘Y’.

#2 Seated Rotations

You might have a good set of clubs and all the useful gadgets such as the golf rangefinder, but they will not be very helpful to your game if your swing is not right. And so, doing some workouts like the seated rotations that improve your rotational mobility is always a great idea. The seated rotations will entail sitting while straddling a bench or squeezing a pad between the knees. You should then set you your palms flat on the stomach and then rotate the torso to one side without moving the hips, hold the position for a few seconds and then rotate to the other side.

#3 Side Step-Ups

Side step-ups focus on the gluteus medius whose primary role is to provide lateral stabilization to your hips. Hence, strengthening this muscle will give a golfer a more stable base for maximum energy transfer through the upper body to the golf club. And to do this exercise, you will need a small gym bench, but you can also use a stair. The next step is to place one foot on the bench and leave the other on the ground. Next, raise the toe on the leg that is on the bench to ensure that it carries all the weight. Finish by straightening the free leg to work the glutes completely.

#4 Cat Camels

Cat camels are for creating mobility in your spine and will also aid in strengthening the muscles on your low back, around the hip and your core. By doing this workout you will not only rotate better but will also have a good idea of the posture that you need to have when swinging your clubs. The exercise is also quite straightforward as you will only need to go down on your fours and stimulate an S-posture. For the camel part of the exercise, you should raise the back to form a hump. Keep switching between the two postures in sets of 20 reps. By doing this and other exercises, you can get rid of the bad postures that are quite common with many golfers.


Workouts and exercise are one of the essential things that you need when trying to improve your golf game. But, it is always important to choose the most beneficial ones, and the four above will be a great starting point. However, it is also important to note that consistency is the key to getting maximum benefits from the workouts, and so you should make them part of your routine.