Why do we need dietary food supplements? Some people understand why while others dismiss it as unhealthy or wasteful. Let’s put your knowledge to test and see if you know why.

It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. – Mahatma Gandhi

On a personal level, I can tell you how much I love life and would like to be healthy. “Health is wealth,” says Mahatma Gandhi, one of the most revered people in history. If you do not take care of your health, you could lose your wealth trying to stay healthy. As if losing wealth to health is not bad enough, how about pain and suffering?

I saw how my mother suffered from cirrhosis. We all suffered watching the disease ravaged her body. All we could do was to continue finding ways to keep her alive. Because of that, I now think people who choose not to take care of themselves are punishing people they love.

Notice how there are so much more people who have health concerns today than several decades ago?

Here are the reasons why.

Why We Need Food Supplements

The lack of nutrients in the body is one of the reasons for the rise of degenerative diseases. Without a doubt, nutrient deficiency compromises the body’s ability to regenerate cells.

We live in a harsher world today with all the chemicals, toxins, and dangerous pathogens. Keeping ourselves healthy is not getting any easier. The lack of education and failing to act is the reason why people are getting sick younger. The quality of life thus suffers.

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1. Soil Depletion & Hybrid Crops

The farmlands in many parts of the world have been over-farmed and over-grazed. Using pest-resistant hybrid crops that grow fast is favorable to farm owners. Hybrid crops grow at a much faster rate that results in more harvests. But soils are not able to replenish beneficial nutrients and minerals. As a result, the produce we consume contains fewer vitamins and minerals.

2. Fertilizers

Think of fertilizers as growth hormones because that is what it does. The fertilizers used in farming contain minerals necessary to make crops grow. But it does not come with minerals and nutrients that we need.

3. Chemical Pesticides and Herbicides

The use of chemical pesticides and herbicides is widespread. Consuming foods from traditional farming sources means we are ingesting harmful chemical residues. In other words, what we think is healthy food could contain toxins that damage our cells.

4. Transportation Time to Cooking

Fruits and vegetables lose nutrients after harvest. Water-based nutrients such as vitamins B and C depletes faster the others. If the time between harvest and consuming is long, then more nutrients get depleted. Furthermore, food preparation and cooking cause more depletion.

5. Preservatives

The use of preservatives is common. For example, tuna from General Santos City exported to Japan have preservatives. Similarly, fruits and vegetables from China have preservatives.

Families choose to eat at home to avoid chemicals and preservatives in restaurant food. Unfortunately, avoiding preservatives is not easy when main ingredients already contain them.

6. Food Processing

Refining wheat to make white flour depletes magnesium, zinc, chromium, manganese, and cobalt. Refining sugar cane to make white sugar depletes magnesium and chromium.

The pasteurization and homogenization of dairy products reduce the bioavailability of minerals and proteins.

The fact is that food processing depletes minerals and nutrients in food.

7. Food Additives

Most cooked foods and especially processed foods contain additives. Manufacturers and food processors do not completely disclose the additives on labels. And if they do, they use different names for the additives.

8. Poor Eating Habit

Already, we are eating food that is unhealthy. Eating at irregular times and poor eating habit has a consequence. It impairs the ability of the body to absorb the much-needed minerals and nutrients.

9. Lifestyle and Stress

Because we live in a more complicated and competitive world hence our stress level is higher. Uncontrolled stress impairs the absorption of nutrients in our cells. For that reason, people get sick from too much stress.

10. Babies Are Born with Nutrient Deficiency

One of the least known facts is this. Mothers pass on nutrient deficiency to their babies.

Crops absorb fewer nutrients due to soil depletion. In the same way, babies receive fewer nutrients from their mothers. It is thus not surprising that babies are born with nutrient deficiency.

11. Illnesses and Drugs

Chronic and acute infections and other illnesses may deplete minerals and nutrients. Taking medicine, especially maintenance drugs, causes further nutrient depletion.

12. Pollution and Other Toxins

Every day, we expose ourselves to toxins and pathogens. Go out and you get exposed to pollution. Stay indoors and there are microbes. Eat and drink foods but they may contain harmful substances. Sanitary and beauty products may not be healthy to the skin.

In order for the body to combat these toxins and microbes, you need to have strong immune system. That is why you need to give your body everything it needs to have a strong immune system.

13. Physical Activity

On one hand, it is good that there are more people who understand the importance of exercise. On the other hand, there are those who put in the work while cutting down on food. What many do not realize is that as physical activity increases, so do the need for more nutrients.

Not All Food Supplements Are the Same

I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you. – Joyce Meyer

It is clear we all need food supplements. But not all dietary supplements are the same. For the majority of companies making food supplements, their sole focus is on profit.

The US FDA sent out warnings to over 60% of dietary food supplement manufacturers in the USA two years ago. Some companies violated labeling laws, while others made false claims. What’s worse are companies that manufactured products found to be dangerous.

It is important to eat the right foods and have mild to moderate exercise daily. Vitamins and minerals fill the nutritional gaps. Before selecting a brand, exercise due diligence to be sure it is safe and effective.