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Veronica Pototska | Successful & Influential

Successful & Influential: Veronica Pototska

I love taking inspiration from successful and influential people and the best way to be inspired is to live through the experience of wonderful...
Business with Big Heart | USANA & True Health Foundation

A Business with a Big Heart

As a part of XTRM 1-11, one of the things we are proud of as an organization are the partnerships we have – Technomarine,...
USANA Pure Rest Sleep Apnea

Can USANA Pure Rest Cure Sleep Apnea & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

I was asked. “Can USANA Pure Rest cure sleep apnea?” I said, “No.” After a while, my online friend said, “Are you sure? I...
USANA Life Unlocked

Life Unlocked: USANA Essentials Gets Better

Update: On this post, I made my predictions on what USANA was going to unveil. It was more than what I could have thought...
USANA Essentials Expensive or Cheap

USANA Essentials Expensive or Cheap?

“Are USANA Essentials expensive or cheap?” A friend asked me. “It’s a matter of perception,” I replied. “If you can afford it, then it...
Too Much Food Malnutrition

More People Die of Too Much Food than Malnutrition

In 1990, there are more people dying of malnutrition than those who have more than enough food. Sounds right? I thought so too. As...