Life Purpose | Mamburao | Occidental Mindoro

Life Purpose | Mamburao | Occidental Mindoro

In past posts, I have mentioned why and how I found my life purpose. I’d like to share a little bit more of that...
Business with Big Heart | USANA & True Health Foundation

A Business with a Big Heart

As a part of XTRM 1-11, one of the things we are proud of as an organization are the partnerships we have – Technomarine,...
Too Much Food Malnutrition

More People Die of Too Much Food than Malnutrition

In 1990, there are more people dying of malnutrition than those who have more than enough food. Sounds right? I thought so too. As...
Can USANA Cure or Treat Diseases?

Can USANA Cure or Treat Diseases?

Once, I heard a distributor of USANA talking about how exceptionally good USANA products are. It is not my habit to eavesdrop but the...
Feeling Guilty

Feeling Guilty After Brother Died in Taiwan

My brother died in Taiwan over a year ago and today, I feel as guilty as the days and the weeks after. The same...
Punishing People

Punishing the People Who Love Us

When we love someone, we want this someone to have the best of everything, to be happy. Many of us do not realize this,...