Momi Berlin Anecdotes 1

Lesson from Kids: Momi Berlin Anecdotes 1

I was chatting with blogger Berlin Domingo of MOMI BERLIN about her series of anecdotes when I had an idea. See, we can learn...



What Kind of Employee Are You?

It’s pretty hard to see from different perspectives unless you have a mentor, or you have been on both sides of the fence. In...


Punishing People

Punishing the People Who Love Us

When we love someone, we want this someone to have the best of everything, to be happy. Many of us do not realize this,...
Rich in Health

Being Rich and Poor in Health

Someone once said, “We are living too short and dying too long.” Come to think of it, many of my loved ones and dearest...

Cirrhosis and My Thoughts Sometimes

It was the beginning of the wet season in the Philippines. I was with my dad in his office at home. Yes, he has...
Food Supplements Savings

Are food Supplements Savings or Expense?

No matter how healthy you think you are, or how healthy your lifestyle is, food supplements have become a necessity. Do food supplements work?...